Leafstorm - Interesting but

SO I have now experienced Leaf storm 3 casts.

The first cast I didn’t know what it was, so I wasn’t really paying attention to the board as much as I was trying to figure out what the counter was counting down. I figured out that it was counting down the turns but again not sure what about the board really changed much

The second time after finding the troop and reading the spell I watched and what I found was - it was dropping more skulls/bunnies than green

The third time the same thing, at first I thought since TDS cleared the board that it would drop a LOT of green which it sorta did, but the next TDS hit - more skulls. It seemed to be more skulls that green.

Next one I will start counting how many of what is dropped but I am not sure it is doing what it is expected to do when the board is completely or almost completely cleared.


The impact might be quite small, we don’t know.

If they are all equal at first, you’re looking at 14.3% per color or skull. If the storm reduces them to 13% and boosts the other to 22% that sounds like a big change, but over the course of 20 gems it would only change the expectation from 3 to 4.5. Would you really notice 1 extra gem of a specific color when filling a third of the board? But the change can’t be too big, or any big exploder (like gorgotha) would make a ton of matches.

And that is assuming it is equal. It might be that colors are 15% and skulls are 10%, so a storm would make it 20% for bonus, 14% for non-bonus, and 10% for skulls. In which case over 20 gems you’d go from expecting 3 to 4, again barely noticeable.

My gut tells me that the bonus is too small to be worth building around because if it were any larger it would be game breaking.

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Not commenting on whether or not this Storm might be buggy. But generally speaking, even under Storms, drop-in gems are still determined randomly, the Storm merely slightly increases the rng to land on the particular colour. You might still end up with no gem of that colour from drop-ins if you are unlucky.
Seeing as Storms seem to be very cheap secondary effects to spells, we can’t expect them to have game-breaking impact on the game.

But if the impact is so small as to have almost zero impact, why introduce them at all? I have to imagine the Devs intended us to notice when they’re in effect.


although it isnt dropping huge amounts of same color when i make bonestorm and spam TDS/gorgotha at least 50% of the time i get extra turn with skulls.

using storms in a battle i definitely suggest 1 or 2 exploder troops such as (TDS, gorgotha, ragnagord, and abnyssia) dont hate me for spelling on the last one lol

They would feel more useful if they gained an extra turn. So I could cast bonestorm and then follow up with my exploder instead of allowing the opponent to have the first turn with it active.

What if the rate was increased to 50% but only 4 turns instead of 8?

50% + gorgotha full board explode = near infinite cascades

Abhorath + Owleth can be an amusing self-loop resulting in a very buff Abby.

I share some of the initial views above:

  • impact of these ‘Storms’ seems minimal: have seen them cast many times and noticed zero difference in drop rates of the intended colour
  • unclear whether this is a bug or some RNG that would benefit from some finetuning
  • I also really dislike the glowing indicator that appears at the bottom of the screen: doesn’t seem to fit the style of the board and overall look, and missed the opportunity to do something a little more interesting (like leafy look for green, etc)
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In my opinion its maybe a little few gems of the choosen storm color to come down the table. It can be tested and adjusted with time, thankfully.

I understand the sentiment of it being statistically too subtle to notice and this being a bit dissapointing, but i also feel that if it were clearly noticable for the human mind it would already be way too strong.
It would make every mass exploder to also be a perfect transformer in addition basically ending games regularily whenever you get a mass explode off with a Storm active.

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I’d like to see if a ‘storm’ and exploder combo actually worked or not, before ruling it out as overpowered or instant win.

The ‘storm’ troops aren’t themselves great and with rng, the new board with the colours you wanted will go to the opponent much of the time…


Try purple storm with Abhoreth. Since he gives you a complete set of 64 new gems, the extra purples are noticeable. And with a +2 purple banner, and a magic link from giant spider, it is rather common to get an extra turn and enough purple to refill Abhoreth for another cast.


There has to be a better middle ground.

Things aren’t usually useless or OP.

As it is right now, I don’t even know the point of adding storms to the game when they don’t even do anything.

On top of the effect being lackluster, the counter doesn’t give you as many turns as the AI with it, so you’re really just hurting yourself by casting it. That’s what I heard in the forums anyways.

All in all I feel that a buff is in order. They should test it at a higher percentage with an exploder before releasing it just to make sure it isn’t broken before we get to try it out.


So right now I’m still out on the stat gathering.

However I planned today to do a Storm / Exploder combo team just to see what the stats are on that as well.

So far the AI side of a storm look dismal. I had more skull drops for Suncrest than any other quest. (I also did it on Warlord 3). But I did hit 5 storms that I tracked. I was very disappointed in the purple storm since I thought AWESOME…TDS and Kerby will get lots of yummy. Nope.

Anyway not enough stats here to make a verdict.

Maybe if storms had a different/additional effect instead? Like granting one extra mana of the storm color for any match done?

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As far as the card wording goes - (Color) Gems fall more than any other colors

So if I am an exploder - clear the board - I should see a larger number of green. If I see any other color that is more then - there is something incorrect. Unfortunately the Quests I am not sure since the boards were heavier on skulls than I expected.

I’m currently doing stats…but it is very slow and I will need a min of 100 ai and 100 player side storms so I can see how that collects up into data.

Watched a few videos online, storms don’t seem to do anything really.

As a console player who’s not read anything about the GW troops, are they worth saving up stones for? I’ve fully traited all the guardians despite thinking some were a total waste of time, justice 3rd trait for example, so am hoping these will be worth it.