Lately it has been much loading time/High Ping[SOLVED]

Am I the only one? I mean, just clicking back and forth, even checking the menus I have to wait several seconds each time. Any help is greatly appreciated. I come from North Europe, and yeah whenever I play GoW my ping gets incredibly high.

The ping is the reaction time of your connection–how fast you get a response after you’ve sent out a request. A fast ping means a more responsive connection, especially in applications where timing is everything (like video games). Ping is measured in milliseconds (ms).

What time frame is “lately”? Are we talking about the last few weeks? Or since Unity came to PC? or longer?

Also are you playing on PC or Mobile? Have you tried pinging the server to see what your ping time to it is?


I have always had problem with Ping when it comes to GoW. Ping can reach as high as 700-900 m/s. So I guess lately I have just got enough of the waiting in GoW menus etc, its about 5-10 seconds to wait just to click back and forth in the menus from PvP to Guild/GW. The main problem is that the Ping is sometimes okay and sometimes not. Like now GoW is going smoothly at 50 m/s Ping on my computer, but then in the next moment its going slow. So I think that it depends on which time at the day I play, when the servers is very busy with tons of players on my ping goes up and my PC find it difficulty to contact the server. This thing has not changed with Unity, sadly. :frowning:

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You need to upgrade your modem to 2400 baud. What do you expect on that old thing…


Windows Experience Index:

Normal Ping and Internet Download/Upload speed:

As you can see this is not an old thing…


Ping is at 900 again…crazy

Are those ping numbers revealing your connection to I+2’s servers, or to the servers of the speed test website?

Not sure if I understand you, but whenever I close GoW and run the test the Ping goes down to normal again.

Ping measures connections between two points on the internet. If you go to a speed test’s website, the number they give you is probably the ping between you and their servers. The ping between you and GoW’s servers is probably different, because the data takes a different path and there’s a different end point.

Now, if simply having GoW open increases ping (and reduces upload/download speeds) consistently, that seems like a different issue. And one worth looking into. Does your network show unusually high activity when GoW is up? Are connections to the game’s servers being limited/throttled by your internet provider for some reason?

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When GoW is running in the background

Without GoW running in the background

I am not getting clever. They said that the game server is far away and that’s why it is a delay with receiving/send packages. I have a brudda that have also a near to same problem only that is from the game Overwatch: Overwatch Forums

Your connection to the GoW server is only active for very brief spurts (3-4 http requests at login time, another 3-4 at battle time) and should otherwise be quiescent. If simply having the game open is affecting ping times for non-GoW traffic, that is concerning. Perhaps high CPU activity is affecting your network stack?

No, its not high CPU and computer runs smoothly.

I’d say your next best bet is to install some sort of network traffic monitor to see if you’re seeing heavy network load while the game is idle, but perhaps a game dev can chime in to help you troubleshoot further.


I just had two GW battles crash on me in mobile in the last hour (typically, the game never crashes) so I am just going to wait until I get home to finish the rest heh. One of them did take an abnormal time to load up though before the crash.

I blame chat.
Turn chat off and all is right with the world again!

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On PC this works too? Global chat has always been off for me,tho.

Err… not sure about PC.
For mobile when things go weird for me, 8 times out of 10 chat is the culprit …

So far it surprisingly is looking good with the chat totally off. I will held you updated.

Thank you everyone for all the help/suggestions that I got so far. :slight_smile:


It looks like @Sidousai was right. It most probably was chat that was messing with my Ping and extra loading time, and I play mostly on PC. If any other has this problem try tto disconnect from the ingame chat.

I still want another day or two to be 100% sure.

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I can now confirm with 100% that my issue with high pings lays in the ingame Chat. I have tested with it on and off on PC since @Sidousai suggested it could be that. Thank you again, pal. :slight_smile: