Late-game player QOL improvements

I’ve been playing since early 2015 and would describe myself as a late-game player. My wife has been playing about as long and I’d say she’s more mid-to-late. We play every day and have a guild that balances activity with a casual feel. We get the elite campaign pass each time a new campaign comes out, since it supports the game and the goodies are nice too.

But boy there are a few things that would make my life easier as a late-game player. This focuses mainly on resources that I’m overstuffed with.

1) I have way too many souls and I keep getting way too many more.

Souls used to be a major challenge. But after I got Dawnbringer, I started gaining souls at such a ridiculous rate that getting back to 1M was easy. I’m now sitting at over 7M and would probably have over 10M if I disenchanted troops.

The Soulforge does not act as a sink for souls, because it relies on also spending other resources that are much rarer and I never have enough of them. There is no recipe in the Soulforge that takes souls alone. The same issue exists with medals: they’re very hard to earn, so even though you have to spend a lot of souls when giving troops their elite levels, the 10K/20K/30K soul cost is a drop in the ocean for me at this point, whereas what I really need are medals.

It would help to have something to spend souls on in the Soulforge that took souls alone, and converted them to some other resource. The cost can be relatively steep; it won’t matter to late-game players and will give mid-game players more interesting strategic decisions, while giving early players something more to look forward to.

2) The treasure hunt is a fun mini-game that’s wasted on poor rewards.

I loved the treasure hunt when it was introduced. I still love it. But I hardly ever play it, because as an investment of time it’s terrible. The reward structure makes sense only for early-game players, whereas for mid- to late-game it takes way more time to earn anything than players can earn any other way. So most of us are sitting on thousands of treasure maps we’ll never use.

We need, and have needed for a long time now, a system of tiered treasure hunts where players can spend more maps at a time to get higher-tier rewards. The cost multiplier per tier can be relatively steep here. If spending 10 maps got you a tier where you could get some jewel shards, gem keys, medal tokens, pet food, maybe vault keys or cursed runes from vaults, it’d be awesome. For 100 maps maybe you could get even better rewards. (These are rough suggestions only; I recognize the need for balancing and keeping rare things still relatively rare.) This not only gives players beyond the early game a reason to enjoy this mini-game again, but also makes treasure-map troops much more useful.

Consider how the arena was changed a while back. I never used to play the arena at all if I could help it after the early game, but the new arena offers an interesting benefit: three extra daily reward offers, with discounted prices. I still don’t play arena all that often, but now and then if I want to try for a different reward offer I’ll give it a shot and see what comes up.

3) Low-level delve treasures are worthless.

I also have a glut of all the treasure items from common to ultra-rare. They’re very easy to obtain through chaos portals. Because the gold cost to upgrade a faction’s treasure hoard is based on its current level and does not scale down with the rarity of troops you sacrifice, there is basically zero value to sacrificing low-level treasures that don’t meaningfully add XP to the faction hoard. (I mean seriously, no one is going to spend 150K gold to not gain even a single hoard level.) I don’t have much of a problem with the gold cost as it is, but something has to be done to make these worthless treasures meaningful.

My suggestion: Add Soulforge recipes allowing upgrades to the next rarity, like we already have for traitstones. For example, 5 of a certain treasure troop and 100 souls could bump the treasure up to 1 of the next rarity. This helps get rid of two common resources at once, while also encouraging players to sink more gold into their factions with treasure troops that actually do something.

Speaking of the Soulforge and treasures, the current recipes for converting the worthless orbs of growth to equally worthless lower-tier treasures are a joke. I like the idea that went into them but they fall short in execution. Really both recipes should produce higher-tier treasures.


You could balance the two better by gambling medals and souls on higher rarity upgrades.

Many players are sitting on a mountain of souls and lower rarity medals, but keep grinding away at higher rarity tokens because a one-time guaranteed upgrade feels much better than failing five times before succeeding. Sort of like refusing to use your glory keys because you could be buying VIP-keys instead.

Easy way to spend a million souls. My soul counter hasn’t significantly gone up in years.

You’d need something like 66 million souls if you wanted to upgrade all your troops and another million every year to keep up with troop releases (at 100% upgrade success rate).

It would be nice of the treasure hunts had some way to get writs. i also love the treasure hunt mode for playing it but the rewards are garbage atm. I am hoping with the upcoming Alex pet that adds treasure hunt turns they are planning to improve the mode slightly as well


I will be happy with a way that converts 100 treasure map to 1 Writs.


I’ve always been an advocate of changing up Treasure Hunt’s rewards. It is stuck in the past, from when they introduced it. If they even just put writs in there, a lot of us would grind the S out of it.


Appreciate the effort that has gone into your post.

I’m end game of end game and have everything, yet I need more souls.

I have 54+ million souls and do not have enough souls.

Every troop costs 60000 souls to elite gold, 1100 + troops = 66 million needed.

I spend no souls on anything, orb every troop with green orbs and still want more souls. I never bothered with duskbringer as it doesn’t give me anything to save 1,000,000 souls.

We also have failure issues with medals as Nysha are never in abundance and we need 5 Nysha medals and 1 Anu to Elite Gold a Mythic, unless we want to try a load of Araneas and Seasons. Failures burn souls.

Medals are the true block indeed, but failing with souls also hurts.

And this is the same of every player in the game that gets here. So please no more souls in recipes for the sake of it.

I’m even debating binning glory at 40 glory for 25 souls.

Re treasure hunts, what do Devs do with someone with 44K treasure maps?

Low level delve treasures, actually I could live with cashing those and a few souls, as the treasures below Epic are pointless.


But I can’t, because I don’t have the medals to gamble. This is the problem.

If I could toss 10K souls a pop at a 0.3% chance of an upgrade on a mythic troop, I’d be happy to do that if it didn’t cost a medal. But I don’t have the medals to burn. The only way to get medals (flash offers aside) is through daily offers, guild tasks, and intensive grinding. Doing a level 12 explore gets me 2-3 tokens most of the time (except when it’s not quite enough to reach the mythic battle), and that’s 6 difficult battles that take a lot of time. Realistically a single medal costs upwards of 20-25 minutes of grinding.

I haven’t managed to accumulate a mountain of lower-rarity medals. I use them. The fact is for most players there simply aren’t enough medals for the elite upgrade mechanic to act as a soul sink. If I had the medals to spare, I’d gladly throw souls away on high-risk gambles. But medals currently represent a significant investment of time; they aren’t worth wasting as it stands now.

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I definitely don’t have a mountain of any medals either and I’ve still not completed 75 gold elites. I just dont have the time or desire to grind to the extent necessary to medal troops for one xp a pop. Classes are more important to me than medals so I focus on 2 x XP modes. Which neans I have a mountain of milions of worthless souls, with more should I ever be bothered to press 'disinchant all". A way to get rid in the forge sounds good to me.

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Would love to see a way to get rid of junky delve treasures.

All I want is to be able to change my medals on the pre-fight screen, and to have a tribute flash at the top left like your guild chat does when it’s up.