Last week of Campaign: your views on the Free/Paid Pass?

This just in @ladies & gents.

Lead developer for Infinity Minus 3, aka Mirriam, just confirmed that a new skin for Enraged Kurandara will be part of the Campaign 2 Elite Pass.


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I was originally planning on purchasing a pass once I completed all of the campaign tasks… I lost interest by week 6.

I honestly think the campaign needs some kind of rework. As is the system is not remotely fun or convenient to use. Nothing says exciting like… winning 20 battles with maces…and then playing 20 battles and then having to go back the campaign menu, accept the stars and then go back to the team menu and slighly modify your team for the next quest and repeat. There is nothing about the current system which would encourage me to purchase a pass until I complete the campaign… but I can’t be arsed enough to jump through the hoops for little reward until you reach 1k stars. I’m not sure if I’ll even bother playing any of the next campaign since I know I won’t get to 1k stars. Which means 1 less pass from a customer who was very much considering purchasing one.


I bought the cheaper pass, $10 for a mythic and a pet seems very reasonable, especially compared to other content. I thought the tasks were okay and easy enough to complete. My only gripe would be delves at 90 or above. That either forces me to play 3 at 500 because I kept up with them or to pay 120 gems to complete on Tuesday, or 100 to skip altogether. If we are asked to play delves at 90 or above, how about letting us choose higher than 50 but lower than 500? I will be getting the next pass.


Campaign are very rough around the edges and Campaign 1 largely didn’t feel like it was worth it time/money. However, I didn’t fully dislike it.

Here’s the general concern areas:

  • Tasks draining resources more than free pass rewards back. Forced Vault Key expenditure was very obnoxious. (There was at least 1)
  • Week to week rewards were largely very unsatisfying, only being saved by one big prize at the end (Kurandara). Most weeks of the elite pass had nothing of value.
  • Tasks that intentionally make you wait (6 dungeon battles). I rather do more stuff, but do it at my own pace.
  • Absolute 0 appeal to the elite pass+
  • Absolute 0 appeal to the free track

Unfortunately, my feedback is going to get thrown out as largely it just results in the campaign needing more rewards (though its clear to see that it does).

I want to think my week to week Elite Pass purchase matters and right now it doesn’t.

We’re not just paying $10 for all of these rewards. We’re also spending about 45 mins - 2 hours per week to get these rewards and not only are we getting lowballed on purchase value, it doesn’t count our time and effort spent either.

When the weekly reward is basically pet food. That’s bad

When the prize is a weapon, but its so underpowered that its not useable… That’s bad

When the weekly reward is basically 2 runs of a Delve. That’s bad

When the weekly reward is resources. That’s good, but not when its less than the amount being drained from campaign tasks.

When 1 new Epic troop is dragged out onto different weeks to make it mythic is nothing great. Want to make it better? Make it an Epic troop and 2 Orb of Ascensions.

More pet food? nope

Does 15,000 gold and 1,500 souls matter to anyone that can buy an Elite Pass?

Even more pet food? nope
Low rarity Ingots? nope
More low end delve rewards? nope

Why is it even a cosmetic pet in the first place? It could easily have done “something” and let people without the Elite pass find it after the campaign ends.

What I liked from the rewards in this campaign?

Heart of Rage… and I didn’t get to keep that
that’s it

What I’d like to see as rewards:

Multiple new troops in the free rewards
New legendary troop or two in the elite pass
Orb of Ascensions in the elite pass to ascend the new troops
Weapons comparable to delve weapons in terms of power in the free rewards
New Non-Cosmetic pets (1 in the free rewards, enough copies to mythic in Elite Pass)
Imperial Deeds in the free rewards and Elite Pass
Explore Medals in the free rewards and Elite Pass (surely at this point, upgrading 1 troop with medals isn’t considered overvalued?)
Some Diamonds (I don’t need em, but I’m sure some can)
Gems in the free reward

you know, actually encourage participation and what not


Throw in an EVK to the free pass rewards would go a long way to getting back some player goodwill. 1 EVK every 11 weeks surely won’t break the economy. Who am I kidding though? They will most likely put one in the elite+ pass next campaign.


Since the release of the absolut overpriced Enraged Kurandara (also no communication about it) also a secondary motivation - to have all units in my collection - is gone.
I dont know if i am ever willing to waste ridiculous 8 power orbs there.
Since the spoiler “released” this unit we had a lot of good forge suggestions here (surely /maybe unread by the devs) but the devs had no better idea than giving him the zuul price + the waste of an atm unique (released against theirselfes announcement again uncommunicated) unit.
The talent of them to discourage paying (!) customers is impressive high.

My last hope is they only tested the price the hard way, later tell us it was another bug, give all early adopters the ressources back und correct it.

PS: I have no problem with the pass itself and the devs should get their money for this great game, but the more i hate so obvious bad design decisions. Gems still has so much potential…


Gems of War is an asset of Digital Brothers, which is a publicly traded company. This means most people who benefit from your purchase aren’t even aware this game exists. If simply selling us mythics is profitable, we won’t ever see new content for this game. Forget about any bug fixes.


Because of this and as long as i can’t buy better game concepts in the ingame shop i will write posts like this and still vote with my wallet this way.

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I purchased the basic pass for myself, but did not recommend it to any of my alts. For me, it allowed me to feed at least three different pets to mythic, as well as get a Mythic troop for a Kingdom I had at lvl 9.

It also got me to VIP 2, and access to two more team builds. It was my first, and most likely last, purchase in game. I don’t regret it. I just would not recommend it.


I don’t regret purchasing the basic pass. But i’m neither unhappy or satisfied with the results.

  • I didn’t care for all the extra busy work to finish all the tasks. There’s plenty of other things to do in the game. It was especially annoying GW weeks on top of GW + world event + weekend invasion/raid/bounty

  • still also annoyed that stat bonuses don’t continue through the week between campaigns.

  • I know many others were upset at having to spend more resources than gained, but I don’t have a problem with it as an end gamer. What else am I going to spend some of that on?

I’m still undecided on purchasing the next pass. Definitely won’t do the elite but probably will to the basic one again. Guess we’ll see what they do for the next campaign


Would’ve been nice if the final reward was an epic vault key, instead of measly regular vault key -_-

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The Campaign is an intentional timesink. It improves the “metrics”.

“Players LOVE the new mode! Look at how much they’re playing!”


I played the free campaign. Quite honestly if I wasn’t in high bracket wars or trying to finish full faction delves outside of a delve event I wouldn’t have played it . It was busy work that I normally would not have played. I try to maximize my time in game when I play and campaign made me take in less gold and resources for time played. The rewards were not worth it to me . The stats were nice and allowed me to finish Fang Moore delve. Also helped quite a bit in B1 wars with extra stats.
Really like that there is a break from campaign . Not really looking forward to the next one. I’ll play the free part so I can get the stats for wars which helps me help my guild. It did nothing for me in increasing the fun or enjoyment of the game. I thought of it more like a chore than a mode of play .
Also the last week of campaign combined with Guild Wars, World Event, Invasions etc was way way to many events at once.
I love this game played since 2015 VIP 6 ,but don’t like where all this going. There has got to be a better way for yall to rake in some money .