Lack of players and too many dead guilds

This game is dying and I blame the fact that new players make new guilds and just let them rot. Theres about 2000 guilds on the nintendo switch side of gow and most are 5/30 with players zzzz… or barely even playing. Disband these guilds and join active ones. look on or even the event leaderboards. .seriously if you want the game to live on put some effort and better yourself as players.


The devs will never address this disaster as they see all the players and guilds as a good thing…even though they r not really contributing to healthy competition or growth.

And many players just want to play without obligations and just leave. No drama. Just gaming. I had to go into solitude for a time when I made creative builds for Krieg in Borderlands 2. I just…wanted to play without theory-crafting and worrying about the most optimized way to play.

Games nowadays add so much stress. If I could go back to the good ol’ days of staying up late and playing on my GameCube and PS2 I would. Just for a day. Maybe 2.:rofl:


Most of those “new players” are probably playing for a while then move on to another game. Same as in all other free to play games.

GoW is getting pretty old now and can’t keep retaining new players like it used to do,


Totally agree with this. I had a discussion with someone in the ingame chat just yesterday - mid-level player who wants to start his own new guild - encouraged by buddy who is running a guild now that is half-full.

I mentioned that there are way too many guilds already and that one cannot make any decent progress when in a half-full guild.

Guy said he just “wants to have some fun” and doesn’t care a fig about progress…or full guilds.

I was amazed, but there you have it. Some people are odd. Plus they do not even think about the effect it has on the game as a whole, or what effect it will have on players who join them and then cannot complete events unless they spend a huge amount of extra gems, and when they finally close down players are left with no guild.

I am happy to be in a large established family of guilds, with full active players and great progress, and players with knowledge who can help.


well heres the thing. Many of us older vet players are willing to teach players new or old but they think otherwise. For instance certain players figure a team of all mythics is great when in fact its not. Proper team building and structure along with classes and renown and kingdom growth is needed to successfully progress. Getting level 6 guild seals weekly is a huge benefit where as most guilds barely get enough gems for the entire guild for the week…you understand what im getting at.

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it could and would if it was advertised more. all the youtubers for this game are on psn or pc. no one on switch streams or does youtube. but yes many moved on

its pretty much that… i dont blame you for playing games like that as it gets your mind away from things and current state of games. i bought a atari gamestation pro recently and no dlc or online play is a breath of fresh air.

I honestly think this game needs to combine platforms. Right now if you start GoW one one platform, you are stuck there. This is extremely outdated.

There are many games that have one account but you use that account to play over multiple platforms (Pc, Switch, Xbox, ect). A few examples include Fallout 76, Fall Guys, and FortNite. This works by having your game account tied to a developer account (Bethesda for Fallout, Epic for Fall Guys and FortNite). You make an account with the game developer. From there the game pings your developer account when you log in. Game saves are backed up on the server. If you are playing on a new device but have an old save or no save, it gives you the option to get your current save so you can keep playing, or you can choose to start a new game account and new game.

We already have GoW accounts, so it’s not impossible to create a developer account to go with it. This will be a backend overhaul, but when all players are in the same pool, it makes it easier to find people. It also will encourage players to keep going as you can for example, sell your Switch but keep playing GoW on mobile or PC!