Labyrinth path doesn't opened the last room

Here’s my delve 500 with pure faction team I’m running right now

I’ve ran through the long path (red line)

Is that normal that the last room from the long path doesn’t opened the final room (blue path)???

It looks like that the delve wants me to run through the last room of the short path. But why? Why it’s blocking the long path?

@Kafka , @Jeto , @Bramble , any ideas?


The map lies, only the bottom centre works as per the below


There’s a much more obvious example like this in the Werewoods regular map. The rooms on either side of the boss room are blocked from each other by the central room, despite there being a simple unobstructed path between them in the other direction.

TLDR the map doesn’t have to be consistent with room unlock order.

Weird, but ok. Thx for the explanation! I just thought something went wrong as it was with Lyrasza’s lair.

Weird, but ok. Thx for the explanation!