L91 new player looking for a guild

Hi everyone,

I have started playing Gems of War about 2 weeks ago. I am currently L91, enabled 14 Kingdoms, and can win against L20 enemies fairly easily.

I am a free player, but I also play / farm as much as my time permits, so I progress faster than usual free players. I don’t yet understand all the concepts, but I am very quick to learn and I would expect I am already better than average by now.

Nowadays, I mostly use a magic-based fast farming army to get more and more trait stones to unlock traits for classes and cards. My two top classes are Necromancer (current favorite) and Sorcerer (previous). I already unlocked 20th talent for Assassin, Sorcerer, and Warlord and working on my Necromancer.

Finally, although I play as much as the free time permits, I do have a full time job and family and the game always comes in the second place. I should be able to check the game almost always daily (even if for a few minutes), but don’t expect me to be online all the time.

I am looking for active guilds with similar player types to learn and gain together. Please let me know if you have a place for me and you think I would be a good fit. If there is anything you are wondering about me, let me know as well, happy to include it.


Hi everyone,

Just updating the thread to let others know that I have already found a guild. Thanks for interest; you had been awesome!

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