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Kurandara not getting 50% manna start from Urskula

Platform, device version and operating system:
Xbox One X
Screenshot or image:
So Kurandara is from Urskaya

And Urskula gives a 50% manna start to all Urska

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
This is the very start of battle before the manna is applied

and this is after the manna was applied

All other troops are getting the 50% manna start except Kurandara

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Started since I received Kurandara this morning, happens every time

Steps to make it happen again
Just build this team and play it

Urska is a troop type. Kurandara is a Daemon, not an Urska — hence it doesn’t work.


Kurandara isn’t considered as an Urska

If so, why on the top picture am I getting all the bonuses for 4 unique Urskaya troops?

If Kurandara isn’t classed as from Urskaya, why is it written underneath its name and why is it getting a +10% buff for being Urskaya?

He’s from the KINGDOM Urskaya but he’s not the TYPE Urska but a Daemon.


Wowsers! talk about having to read the fine print!! :upside_down_face: :scream:

In that case then the Devs need to add it in to match Doomclaw :pray:

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Hehe, glad you got it :slight_smile: i was already preparing myself to make it clearer in case you didn’t get it. Just for fun, let’s post it anyway!

I understand the confusion with the similarly looking names of Urska the type and Urskaya the kingdom.

Let’s take away the similar names with an analogy:
Your team consists of 4 Belgian creatures: 3 humans and a dog.
You get a bonus for having 4 unique Belgian troops.
All humans start with 50% mana.
Does the dog from Belgium start with 50% mana?

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Urska are bears (for name origin, Ursidae is the bear animal family). Most bears are from Urskaya, but not all troops from Urskaya are bears. Doomclaw is a bear. Kurandara is no more a bear than Baba Yaga, who is also from Urskaya and not a bear :slight_smile: So the “Urska” type doesn’t really make sense for Kurandara.

And btw, some bears (Urska) are from kingdoms other than Urskaya (eg. pandas of Shentang).

Hey! Now you confused everyone again!

Urska are a fictional species in Krystara. They are a sentient race of bipedal bears, most of which live in the northern kingdom of Urskaya.

One might guess that Urskaya would translate to “Land of the Urska”.

Note that a sub-race of Urska, which resembles Pandas, is native to the southern region of Shentang.

When looking at 50% mana starts, check the TYPELINE, not the home kingdom. There are no troops that look at the home kingdom for a 50% mana start, it’s always a troop type.