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KrudlerTheHorse about to stream 2.1.5 soul-farming run

I’ve put together a team that I think has the potential to shatter my previous ~90 souls/min record.

I’ll be putting out a properly-assembled and edited video if I am pleased with the outcome of this run. My initial testing shows happy results :smiley:

edit: DELETED LIVE STREAM LINK… Here’s the YT archive:


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Ok the experiment is done and the RESULTS ARE:… well go look and see for yourself :slight_smile:

The vid will stay live on my channel for the next couple of hours… possibly until Friday at which point I will delete it to make a proper “Build Video” and I’ll give out a code too.

edit: Link:


Did you remember to subtract the souls you got when you collected tribute? This particular team might have more slightly success in a kingdom where Terraxsis isn’t common, because he can stall you out on a bad cascade. I’d also avoid Life Drain trait heavy kingdoms like Ghulvania as well, since troops with that trait can’t be killed by Sacrificial Priest’s spell. Also, remember that soul gains for triple-necromancy teams will drop by about 30% if/when Necromancy is changed from 50% to 25% (which is where at least some of the concerns that it is a pure nerf rather than a nerf-buff come from), so hopefully they leave it at 50%.

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Th[quote=“Mithran, post:3, topic:14470”]
Did you remember to subtract the souls you got when you collected tribute?

That’s a great point… you can see how tired I am that I overlooked that… Take away 12 from the souls/minute I quoted at the end and that’s the adjusted result. Still very good!

I think the other points you discuss are good, but I don’t think they will change the compositions of this or any other teams… we’re kinda at the mercy of whatever the devs decide, but ofc too soon to tell.