[Known Issue] Unable to exit expedition mode

Platform, device version and operating system:
Android OS 8.1.0 / API-27 (OPM1.171019.019/V11.0.2.0.OEGMIXM)
Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus
Screenshot or image:

When i exit expedition mode, all buttons are not clickable. In such cases, I always have to restart the game

This happens randomly. Approximately every 4-5 times when leaving the expedition

Рlease watch the video to understand what is happening:



This happens to me on PS4. It seems to happen when I’m pressing circle (cancel) too quickly, especially if I select a difficulty and then back out to check something. I have to close and restart the game. Didn’t happen before the most recent patch.

Also an issue on Xbox

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This is a Known Issue, however I didn’t realise it was also affecting mobile, I’ll update the bug report and Known Issues list so everyone knows it’s possibly an issue on all platforms.

Thank you for the video

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I can confirm it is also an issue on pc. I added an xbox controller on friday for the gnome weekend for the first time. Since then i have experienced it between 10 and 20 times a day.
I am running win8.

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That’s interesting info thank you @Apach3 I’ve added it to the bug report.

It’s still happening (on PC).
Always after opening explore (in different kingdoms; at various intervals - sometimes two chests in a row, other times after a longer while) reward chest; clicking things too fast (this weekend being gnome event) is unlikely the only reason - I’ve waited about 5-10 seconds after token animation, but the game still gets frozen - that is, you can click the button yet it doesn’t react to being clicked.

EDIT (next day): it also happens when no chest is opened - after ordinary mini boss battle.

Still happening on Xbox too.

Just came to the forums to boo and hiss about this. This should have been a priority two updates ago. [XBox One]

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It has been our priority. We can’t reproduce the issue though on any device or find a pattern with what causes it yet. Can’t see an issue in the code either.

This is in the list of top 5 issues we’re investigating as our top priority.
It will stay a top priority until we can work out what’s causing it.

I’ve also had this happen when exiting the Challenges menu on PS4. It’s less common than in Explore, but also happens when spamming circle to quickly get back to the map. It’s possible that it isn’t a problem with the Explore code.

Thanks for continuing to look into it.

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I want to add that this problem arises regardless of the speed of pressing the buttons and regardless of the device used (now I use Honor View 30 pro - the problem remains).

For players experiencing this inconvenience, I could recommend the following steps:

  • Choose a kingdom to play in it.

  • Press the “back” button until we exit to the main menu with an overview of all kingdoms.

  • We go into the same kingdom and press the button “to battle!”. And we can play any number of fights in this kingdom

After these manipulations, the problem with the exit will disappear.
However, this must be done every time you want to play in another kingdom or after saving pets.


I’ve had similar problem (only) on PC since the very beginning. Zhenya’s suggestions seems to work for me and is a good workaround in comparison with being constantly forced to restart the game.

I believe that the problem is related to the game’s inability to connect back to servers. If I leave (frozen) GoW runnig for 5-10 minutes then finally it re-connects and goes back to Kingdom’s Overview screen. The longer I play in a any mode, the longer it takes to re-connect to GoW’s servers.

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Win 10 has the same problem. During the gnome event the problem occurred on every expedition.