[Known Issue] Kingdom of Fire offers give gem keys not gems as displayed (Playstation only)

I haven’t heard back yet. I requested a few hours before your post.
request #101919

Hello, ticket # 101620 opened on Saturday, April 10, 2021, for 12 days.

I return to the charge, sorry if I’m boring, but without these gems I can’t participate in class or faction events!
Guardian of the Crypt, passed under my nose! I am very angry !!!
It makes you want to stop the game more and more !!
:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


@Kafka someone in my guild still has an open ticket regarding this issue from over 2 weeks ago. You have been pm’d about this aswell and there has still been no reply.

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Yes, me too, I have the ticket open since April 10 and I still do not have an answer. In 4 days it’s the faction event and there is no way I will make an additional purchase and especially out of the question that my problem will not be solved!
So I ask you for the umpteenth time to do something.

So…I know that 505 doesn’t work Australian weekends, but weekends don’t last 15 days anyway!


Still no news, as of tomorrow, I will initiate a refund procedure!
Tired of being taken for an asshole! And I weigh my words !

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Hi Willow. Have you filled out an actual ticket to the gems of war support and not 505 games?

I did put a postin the facebook community page to let someone know that there are still people who have tickets out.

I waited two weeks for mine.

But go to the gems of war support snd fill out a ticket there. They do respond and they gave me all the gems.

So please be patient. There was one person working the entire issue from what I understood.

I am not any way a leader or have any authority, just someone trying to help you reach out as I did when I had the same problem.

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Hello Liusaidth,
I opened a ticket # 101620 through the Gems of War game.
Patience, I have it, but it has limits.
The problem has been hard and persistent for 18 days.
I won’t be able to do the class and faction event and that pisses me off!
I don’t know the facebook page!
Could I have a link please?

Here is the community facebook page. The gems of war players comes from all platforms and are very active in this group.

Here is the link.

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Thank you Liusaidth,
I signed up for the group, I’m waiting for confirmation. :slight_smile:

No problem! I do encourage you to wait patiently. The devs really treat you well when you wait. Lots of folks have had to wait for several weeks and months on some things. But I have learned and appreciate that the devs really honor their gamers.

It’s really slow because of the pandemic and people are from all different parts of the world. I was impatient, I admit. Still. Learning to be patient is hard.

Play station won’t do anything for a flash offer though. :pensive: So my best hope for you is to wait patiently. And the community on Facebook is really good for support and even help you with your decks and such.

We really are all in this together.

Best of luck to you Willow and nice to meet you. I’m Tara Harrison on Facebook. (Liusaidth means Tara) :grin:

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Generally I agree. But, I do caution anyone who is considering a chargeback to not wait too long. Check your credit card. There may be a limit of 30 days and after that, you can’t request money back.

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I forgot about that. If anything else, I would call the bank and put in a disput from there. Yeah. I wouldn’t wait too long on that. Thanks Snooj for pointing that out.


Hey team, unfortunately our support is overwhelmed at this point in time. But, the good news is we are getting more people on board to help!

I have mentioned how some people affected by this issue haven’t had their compensation, so the support team is aware. Things should start to improve next week as we do training, and our priority for the short term future is to get support under and streamline our processes.

I apologise for the delay, and wanted to let you know that we are aware there is a problem and are working on fixing it.


Wooooo! This is awesome. Glad to hear there’s more support staff!

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Thank you Liusaidth

I bought with Paypal, so I will join them to process a refund.

@ Saltypatra, sorry, but you’ve been silent too long.
Due to this problem, our guild decided not to buy anything more. We will manage as we can in the future.

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I understand. Unfortunately I am unable to do purchase issue tickets, so I was unable to personally resolve this issue for you.

I understand Saltypatra.
However, this morning I received the 750 gems on my in-game mailbox.
Problem solved.
Have a good day.

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I am so glad Willow that you were able to get your gems! :heart:

I’m glad to hear that our support team helped you. <3

Thanks for your help Salty and liusaidth :heart:

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