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[KNOWN ISSUE - Fixed in 5.5] Pvp battle stuck on enemy turn

Possible dumb question but how do you tell which classes are immune to lycanthropy?

The ones with “Fortitude” selected in Stone talent tree.

Maybe I misread but looked kike Shaman and Hierophant were referred to above as immune, but neither has fortitude?

Good thing we have our own bug busters in the community, since devs can’t be bothered :sweat_smile:


I don’t know if this is the correct thread, but my game crashed after Magnus had inflicted Lycanthropy on one of my troops in a pet rescue battle (PS4).

If you knew for a fact it was your hero or not and what class you were using that would be helpful.

Class was Priest, possibly Shaman. I’m pretty sure it was my hero. Anyway, I sent the clip to Sony.

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On one hand, all this testing by the community is awesome. On the other hand, where is the QA team?


Working on the next update I presume! Maybe this time we’ll get something really special, like the privilege to get a fla$h offer every 5 battles! /s


Do they usually make an announcement or something, if things are fixed? Guild war starting tiktoktiktok…

I’m afraid they usually don’t fix things any time soon. They probably won’t even look at this analysis today, or even within the next days.


And sometimes pretend there is no bug and do a ninja fix never admitting they stuffed up.


Example: the MIA pet gnome bug.


Thank you for all the information regarding this bug. I have passed it all one and our team is investigating this issue further and working on a fix.

Unfortunately it is looking like this will need to be a client side fix, which means we won’t be able to release it until our next major update. I’ll let you all know what’s happening as we continue working on this issue.

Once again, thank you for all this information, it’s been invaluable.


To-do list…

Patch 5.5
New content :ballot_box_with_check:

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Fixed it for you. No new content. Just fix 5.4.


Considering most “new content” for a while now has involved new ways to nudge players into coughing up money, I’m fine with the idea of no new content for a while. Fix/improve what we have and add some QOL love, please.


Happened again today, pvp battle. My Priest hero got hit with Lycanthropy, and the game crashed completely when it was my turn. Opposing team was also Priest by the way, with Jack-o-Lantern as weapon. PSN name gefawhv (Susanne from Buzz der Wolf). Counts as a loss in my battle log

Yeah for some reason the devs only Removed Lycanthropy from Essence of Evil but didn’t bother to remove it from all the other troops/weapons that can cast it and cause a crash.
It’ll continue to cause crashes possibly until the next client update.

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This will be fixed in the next game update version 5.5
It was removed from Essence of Evil as a temporary solution as it was the most common cause of the issue being experienced.