[KNOWN ISSUE] Dancing icons on guild event world map (again!)

Playing on steam version. Seen this happen a few times last week too.

Clip shows the icons dance at start > did a fight > the dance off continues at 25 secs.
ps: 10 minutes later they are still moving… very… slowly… with… long… intervals…
pps: changing window sizes from full maximized window size to small resized size doesn’t make any difference.

I can confirm, those same 3 battle icons are dancing for me too.
PC Steam

It’s doing this without a clear solution for almost 2 years.

The ‘proposed’ way is to wait 5 seconds. :triumph:

GoW Wiggling Icons

they get easier to catch after a few seconds, yes.

Not every setup are dancing.

On this the battle icons were still.

It’s a bit wonky. I had dancing battle icons 3 fights in row, then played dead on 4th fight, then they went back to battle dancing for a few fights… heh

Hey all,

This is an ongoing issue the team is aware of. It is a mix of issues but, part of it is due to the camera on the map moving to adjust to the battle locations on the board.

While we try to reduce the amount these locations move but as you can see, it is occurring and becomes more difficult when there are numerous locations on the map as well.

I’ve raised this with the team again though, in the meantime.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Please don’t fix this one, it’s funny!

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The wind blows strongly in Krystara, yippee!

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It was definitely stormy on my world map when I was doing my fights today. The far right location in particular was doing with a hurricane spinning the icon around in circles.

My ADHD brain felt terribly distracted <.<

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Wait, what? This is just the UI trying to place four somewhat randomly positioned nodes on screen in a way that they don’t intersect. While there is overlap it jitters the clashing nodes until everything fits in. This approach is usually used when you have a really huge number of nodes that make it too inefficient to calculate fitting positions against each other. It doesn’t really make sense here, somebody probably just cut & pasted some code snippet. Reduce the size of the hit boxes (it’s a rectangle, including the text) and the issue goes away.


Worst week yet, violently dancing icons EVERY single battle.
Genuinely getting seasick.
Please fix this, it’s been like two years.

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Wow, that looks awful.
I haven’t actually fired up the game yet today, not been feeling it… but seeing that, yikes

I haven’t seen any dancing in this event, nor on steam or android.

I can make them stop dancing too… if I adjust window size & aspect ratio! :wink:

Doesn’t fix the underlying problem though, placement algorithm is fucked and needs to be reworked.

Only been two years.

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Yeah they are twerking extra hard this week I guess they are excited about the nearing release of 6.2


Honestly I’d prefer the devs spend their time trying to fix the lag issue and other serious problems, or addressing longstanding quality of life issues (availability of books, doomscrolls, useless daily deals, UI improvements) rather than working on this. It’s daft but has zero impact on my gaming experience, unlike those other issues