[Known Issue] Can't open Games menu

Platform, device version and operating system:
Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When I click on the “Games” icon nothing happens. I was expecting it to open the screen for the various activities (dungeons, arena, soulforge, etc.)

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It started after the daily reset

Steps to make it happen again
Open game and click on Games icon


Same on iOS iPad - nothing happens :pensive:

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Same on Xbox also…



iPhone SE 5G, iOs 15.6.1:

Clicked Games button, nothing happened:

All the other buttons (PvP, Guild etc) work, Games doesn’t.

Happens every time button is clicked. Immediately after new game day started.

Force quit and restart- problem still occurred. Checked for game update - have current version6.5.0r37825

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Global issue, it seems. Something must have broken with daily reset. I hope, it’s not some australian holiday.
Sit back, relax and wait for the usual standard reactions of “have you tried reinstalling your game / contacting your internet provider” and “not a bug, it’s meant to be this way” to pass by. Eventually they’ll get it fixed, and until then; stuff that affects everybody, affects nobody.


Community seems to be trying for a record for posts about the same bug :rofl:

At least it gives us something to do this morning :rofl:


Since it hasn’t been posted yet: same on Android.


Same rebooted still same on different devices

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Quick buy more legend reborn pets!

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“stuff that affects everybody, affects nobody.”

Wrong. Some people don’t have time to check later and will lose the opportunity to play today’s faction assault and Dungeon.


If that continues tomorrow, no GAPs.

Same bug on Steam and guild members report on Android and iPhone, too. A bug just in time for vault weekend. And can’t get to class either.

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You can get to class by going through the events menu

There is still an option to access Class Challenge and Legends Reboring from the events menu, but not the rest of the games included in the games menu until they fix it…


Same issues here on ps5,i think that problem is in next Wednesday pet rescue,on Taran i see Howler in next pet rescue,but couple of days ago dissappear and no pet in wednesday weekly spoiler,maybe that is connection with this issues and next halloween event…maybe

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FYI: No issues on Switch with that button

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this still agrees with my theories that the fault will be in pet rescue, Nintendo switch has a different roadmap

Dropping the links to other bug reports for the same issur. May be best to keep it all in one thread if we can. I’ve pinged the full dev team that I’m in contact with to see if anyone is online after work

Cudos to the players, who reported this issue.
We will sent out a compensation mail later to all players. Parallel we are closing the games tab.


Have a nice day. I am just kidding, but I don’t know why these words were in my mind. :thinking::sweat_smile:

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If the fix takes exactly 24 hours, it’s fair again.