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[Known Issue] Battle freezes in GW after using Essence of Evil weapon

Hello. I have a problem in GW battle. After several use of EOE weapon my opponent won’t make a move. I couldn’t do anything except abandon the battle and is count as loose one.


Yep pretty pathetic. Mine had 27 life left. Stupidest crap I have ever seen. Who thinks up this nonsense!!! I had to win my last 3 battles with teams I did not want to use or risk another loss.

We had member get Cliffy-2DR8918OTQ after winning using EoE in GWs, and that counted as a loss.
Lycanthropy activated during that battle, seems that might be an issue

I have a same problem. I was just about to create a topic about this. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is freeze only if Lycanthropy trigger on hero. On other troops still works. But is not great to get this bug on war.


I think we need to remove lycanthropy from the essence of evil. It does not work as it should, even if it does not freeze. We use the essence to cast negative statuses, and as a result, the enemy transfers into a stronger beast with full life.

Also we have so many statuses, that we can’t see that works now. We need a list of active statuses.

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It’s needs to be removed from the game and never come back


Reported and won’t be fixed until a major update.

Same thing happened to me

Also using Magnus