[Known - Duplicate Report] 1.000.000 gems to buy units and pets in vulpacea

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the offer to buy 5x copies of the pet should cost 200, i get the offer for 1000000 gems; same thing happens when offered to buy the team.

As i was going through the challenges i kept being offered the 1M gems team, when i reached the pet it was also 1M

Not that i have proceded (for fear of missing out on the next reward) but i would assume any extra battle will give me the same offer as until now 1 million gems in cost.

Already widely reported and confirmed.

Even if you have the Gems DO NOT click that button because apparently they forgot to add the standard “are you sure?” confirmation before processing the purchase. And unfortunately they can’t actually disable the offer from appearing, so the second-best thing they could do (until it gets fixed properly, e.g. 6.9.1 or whatever) is set the asking price ridiculously high.

my point is that i wanted the offer but dont know how to get it a it is a on-off thing

You can’t, that’s the beauty of it.

Not a bug. They did it on purpose because the offer itself is bugged.


As @Graeme had already shared, this is a known issue and investigation

We have also created a Known Issues article, which you can follow if any updates are made and you miss them on the forum. https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/6854558620943-Trials-Offer-Purchase

I will close this thread as it is a duplicate report of an ongoing issue.

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