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Kingdoms upgrade and lower profit


2 weeks ago I had an average off 150 glory per hour from Kingdoms…I upped 6 more kingdoms to 6/7* but my income is degreasing?_? Every hour I have an average of 30-40 glory now…How its possible that when you up the stuff the benefit goes down?

People gonna answer its all RNG but I had a steady 100-180 glory income per hour for 3 weeks and if its all RNG it cant be that steady. I just wander how its possible if you progress and up more kingdoms the benefit goes down.

I hear people say if you play a lot the game punishes you? If this is the/a case maybe its better to reward players who put a lot hours in (I highly doubt this last comment).

thx in advantage, Kotor


You already know the answer; you said it in your post. Unless you did something else (like change guilds), you’re just getting a lot less lucky than you did before.


wow genius…nothing better to do right?

kids these days…

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Alright, then. I can tell you’re in a piss-poor mood, so here’s your non-jovial answer.

The game, as you answered yourself, randomizes which kingdoms are pulled, and another variable as to the amount of kingdoms pulled. The odds for pulling more than 10 - 14 kingdoms are VERY low, and it’s even more common to get about 6 - 9 kingdoms per tribute. It is all randomized. You know this, so I’ll spare you the details.

This simply means that you’re rolling kingdoms that don’t offer as much Glory Tribute over and over again, which is bad luck, but not uncommon. So, it sadly doesn’t matter if 15 of your kingdoms can give you butt-loads of glory, if the game coincidentally doesn’t pull from them each time, multiple times over. I have also observed lower amounts of Tribute being pulled from my kingdoms after consecutive hours played, as opposed to returning after several hours or even days. I don’t know if this is just coincidence, or if it is an actual mechanic.

The fact of the matter is that you’re just getting a bad luck of the draw. The alternative is the possibility that you had a string of LUCKY, high glory pulls beforehand, making it seem like what you’re getting now is lower than normal, when it could actually be your normal amount.

Hopefully you have a better day than you apparently are having right now, and good luck with your issue.

since you can comment in a propper way…why you didnt try the 1st time? We are not all native English speaking and pointing people at grammer mistakes is very childisch.

Thx for the reply’s and I have a very good day :wink:

@Grundulum also I didnt know guild affects your rewards as I ditched mine couple days ago.

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The red statue of your guild makes kingdoms more likely to send tribute. It’s as high as 6%, which is a big deal when kingdoms have a 20% chance to send tribute. So you may have gone from 26% chance for each kingdom to 20% chance for each kingdom. Averaging over 33 kingdoms, that is 8.6 kingdoms of tribute down to 6.6. It doesn’t quite cover the change of 140 glory down to 40, but it’s not a small difference.

Edit: and the yellow statue increases the tribute amounts, by up to 10%. That’s another factor you may have lost when you left your guild.


thx :wink:

I think this must be the case.

@Cyrup, this thread shows it’s possible to miss the fact that your guild helps with tribute. Is that something the early-game tutorials discuss? I learned this information because I was playing the game when the change to guilds was made. I don’t know how it’s presented to new players these days.

@Grundulum we are planning on replaying the early levels of the game so that we can help newer players more as they move into midgame.

Also, @kotor, this is down to RNG. Sorry to hear about your luck.



I came back to the game so its also possible it is explained but I just forgot :frowning:

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Hey, no worries! My attempts at humor often get me in trouble! :slightly_smiling_face: