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Kingdoms for traiting up Pharos-Ra?

I’ve been waiting for Pharos-Ra to appear in Soulforge, and he just did. Now that I have him, I need to trait him up. I have not been conserving traitstones, as I am trying to add traits to get more kingdom stars. So, I need to find minor magic, major magic, runic magic and arcane spirit traitstones. What would be the best kingdoms to explore in for them?

A more general version of the question: The traits window will show me which kingdoms a particular kind of traitstone are available in, but are the odds of getting that stone the same in all kingdoms?

Thank you.

Yes just go where it tells you to go.

The drop rate for all stones are the same regardless of which kingdom you farm them :+1:

Well, let me try and cover a lot of related questions too.

Every kingdom is associated with a traitstone. That traitstone determines what kinds of traitstones you expect when you play a match “in” that kingdom. That means:

  • Explore matches.
  • Challenge matches.
  • PvP/Guild Wars/Arena matches (they happen in the home kingdom of the defender.)

GoWDB has a Traitstones page here: http://gowdb.com/extras/traitstones, it can show you which kingdoms are associated with each traitstone. Conveniently, it also lists which troops use each traitstone. The in-game UI can help you find the kingdom for a traitstone, too.

Here’s how they drop.

  • Celestial traitstones will ALWAYS be eligible for every kingdom.
  • The Arcane traitstone associated with the kingdom is the ONLY traitstone that will drop in that kingdom. (For example, Arcane Swamp is green/blue, but Merlantis will NEVER drop the blue Arcane Stoic traitstone.)
  • EITHER color of the kingdom’s Arcane traitstone will be the eligible minor, major, and runic traitstones. (For example, Merlantis is Arcane Swamp, so it can drop both Minor Nature and Minor Water traitstones.)
  • Explore matches apply a bonus multiplier to the drop rate of Arcane traitstones and Celestial traitstones.

So, in terms of farming:

  • If you want a specific arcane, you MUST be in the kingdom associated with that arcane.
  • If you want arcanes, Explore is the best mode.
  • For minors, majors, and runics, if you want a specific color it’s best to pick a single-color kingdom and do challenges, since fewer arcanes/celestials will drop.

So, for Pharos-Ra, to be specific, it needs two Arcane traitstones and each has two potential kingdoms:

  • You need Arcane Spirits, which can come from Glacial Peaks or Khetar.
  • You also need Arcane Skulls, which can come from Darkstone or Dhrak-Zum.

It doesn’t really matter which from those pairs you farm, but since each Explore rotation is different there’s usually one that feels easier due to the rotation. For example, I prefer Maugrim Woods for Arcane Swamp farming, because Merlantis troops use a lot of Submerge and that slows down farming.


One other recommendation:

If you have a Minor Orb of Wisdom, unless you’re really desperate for the second trait, buy the first two with farmed Traitstones and use the Orb for the third (most expensive in terms of Arcanes)


Good thought. Thanks.

I thought the 2nd one was more expensive in terms of arcanes Stones

Woah nvm just realised that for Legendary troopa the 2nd trait is the most expensive but for mythic it is the third one Oo