Kingdom with double Skill exist?


exist some kingdom has a chance to get double reward skill?


No. The bonus is doubled at power level 5 though, but it’s hard to achieve.


When a Kingdom reaches Level 10, you get +1 of its associated Stat.
When a Kingdom reaches 5 Stars, you get +1 more of that same Stat.


yes, i want to know which kingdom has more chance to have 5 stars. i have 3 with forest of thorns, and saw enemies with 22 atk on centaur scout, when i can only 18 on legendary


Also meet that one with 22 attack lol, and on normal, im just level 120. Emperina pumped my starter Deep Borer up and took him down. :wink:


centaur scout with true shot, 2hit is 32 atk, kill of 95% of slot, if was 22 2hit is 44atk most 99% enemies slot killed.


Hate him so much that I am not using him.


If you picked up the Gob-Chomper from last week, then Broken Spire is the best one for 5 Stars right now. It is currently the only Kingdom that has a possible max number of 9 Troops, which can helps alot in accumulating Kingdom Power if you can level them all up.


:confused: dont have shegra and terraxis yet


Unfortunate… In that case, go with whichever kingdom you have 8 troops for, because those are the only ones that can get up to 5 stars. If you have multiple, pick the one you think you can max out traits for the easiest (fewest legendary troops, wide range of colors needed, that sort of thing).


To clarify, for the Kingdoms with 8 troops, you will need…

  1. All 8 Troops at Mythic
  2. All 8 Troops raised to Level 20
  3. All 8 Troops have acquired ALL of their Traits Set.

That will be just enough for you to push a Kingdom to 5 Star, which is why Broken Spire is the currently the best Kingdom for 5 Stars. The Level boost from that extra 9th Troop can save you 8 less Traits in the requirement.


Need to play a year before one can do that.


Hey Weliton,
What you may have experienced was an attack from a Centaur Scout that was in a team of more than one unique Wildfolk or more than one troop from Divinion Fields.
Then the troop would gain more attack than the 21 base attack it would receive from being level 20 with all Kingdoms with an attack tribute levelled to ten.
For example, having a team containing Centaur Scout, Herdmaster, Bul’Taurus and Ragnagord would give the team the following bonus’ - Wildfolk General, King of Stars.

Giving the Centaur Scout 26 attack