Kingdom weapon

This has bothered me since they released.

Why am I required to spend 75 diamonds plus other mats for a weapon that is available for free from a quest?

Why was I not given the option to do that quest?

Charging diamonds for these weapons is a scam period.

Stop being lazy and figure out to make the quests available for those who have completed the lines already.

They are not offered for free.
They are Money locked - 10 dollars for the weapon, some gems and 36 epic ingots.
Available during the kingdom questline to new players.
“Offer ends and explore is open once the quest is completed”.

From Patch Notes:

  • Kingdom Weapon Packs are new purchasable Packs that give newer players a weapon and some resources to help them out in quests.
  • The Packs contain the following Rewards:
    • A new Weapon
    • 200 Gems (this will be 23 Gem Keys on PS4)
    • 36 Epic Ingots
    • 20,000 Gold
    • 5,000 Souls
  • All Kingdoms, except for Broken Spire will have their own weapon available in the pack, so there are 33 new Weapons.
    • Broken Spire already had Axe of the Spire in the starter pack which fills a similar role to these weapons.
  • These weapons have been designed to help players deal more damage to Enemies from that Kingdom.
  • Kingdom Weapon Packs will only be available to players who haven’t completed the questline in a Kingdom.
  • The offer will replace the Explore button on the Kingdom popup menu.
  • Once a player has completed the questline, the offer will no longer be available and the Explore button will return.
  • Players who do not purchase a weapon, or have already completed all the quests, will be able to get the weapons 1 of 2 ways:
    • Craft the weapon during the Kingdom’s next weekly event
    • Purchase the weapon from a Weapon Flash Offer

I’m kinda bothered by the fact Axe of the Spire targets Elementals while every other Kingdom weapons target Kingdoms. Its not a similar role…

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My problem with these weapons is they show in unowned. If they can program the x-ball (xbox exclusive pet) to not show in unowed why not these weapons?

I’m not naive, I know the reason (to get players to buy them) but I can still be pissed about it.

I think the difference between X-ball and these weapons is that you can obtain the weapon without cash (crafting).

How is that different from what must be lots of other weapons in the pipeline that currently don’t show up in unowned?

We can’t craft them for weeks or even months from now. I would obviously have no problem with them showing up AFTER they have been available in soulforge. Just because they were offered for real $ to new players shouldn’t mean we all have to have an incomplete collection for 34 weeks.

I swear I read they were a reward for kingdom quests, maybe it was a video.

Well I was wrong, but still don’t like using that amount of materials for what is basically a currency.

Also $10 for those packs is as cringe as me ranting with incorrect information.

I think I understand what you’re saying now. You want it to first show up in soulforge, and only then show up as unowned.

But isn’t that how campaign troops/weapons works? I.e. it shows as unowned as soon as the elite pass holders unlock the troops/weapon, even though F2P players will only see them 3-4 weeks later. So, while it’s annoying that you can’t craft a weapon until the kingdom rolls around, I don’t think they’ll change it.

Can definitely see being annoyed at having to wait for the kingdom rotation if you’re a completionist.

Only troops/weapons that have been released show up in owned/unowned. If they haven’t been released they can’t be used in teams. Paying $10 for a weapon you can only use once it shows up in the forge probably wouldn’t go down well.