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Kingdom Progress Bar Donation

I think it would be wise to include a donation progress bar for leveling up kingdoms much like the one we have for guild donations. This will allow people to balance their guild donations with their kingdom leveling instead of having to wait to donate to a guild until a particular kingdom is maxed out.

As of now:

To max out a level 9 Kingdom I need to stockpile 40k Gold. However, if I am part of a guild and donate a portion of that stockpiled gold, I would have to continue playing the game to regain the 40k Gold to be able to max the kingdom.


With the donation progress bar, an empty bar would slowly fill up with each gold donation until it reaches 40k Gold. In other words, instead having to stockpile 40k Gold, I could donate any gold amount towards my kingdom’s Lv. 10 progression. This way I would be able to manage incremental donations to the guild and my kingdom leveling progression.


That would work well. The only problem I see with that is someone wanting to switch kingdoms mid-upgrade, essentially wasting however much gold they put into the upgrade. A 40k upgrade is more gold than any one guild task, so it would help in focusing gold usage proportionally between kingdoms and tasks. I don’t believe they will be able to have a map indication of it though.

I’m confused by your statement. Why would they waste Gold if they switch to another kingdom? The gold donated would be retained in that specific kingdom and all other kingdoms you have donated to. Nothing would be lost. The only reason I see people wanting to switch to other kingdoms is for the Tribute Bonuses.

Please Advise.

seems like a lot of work to help people manage gold. just don’t donate all your gold and you’ll get to that 40k…

getting 40k is easy. JUst get really good at Treasure hunt. I have donated 78k this week just from doing Treasure hunts to make money.

The system already exists for guild donations for the same reasons. I don’t see why this can’t be implemented for kingdom progression.

its there for guilds because there are 29 other people that can help pay for those.

I agree, but what you are saying is applicable to the best guilds which constitute a small percentage of the overall guild population. Let me give you an example: I manage a guild that is in the top 80 and I set precedents as to the amount of gold I want donated to the guild. Most of my members, at least 20 of them, donate the minimum weekly amount and afterwards it’s up to me and the other 9 people in my guild to continue donating above the minimum requirement so that we can maintain or sustain the existence of our guild in that bracket. What this means is that instead of having to save up a large heap (at least 40-65k/week) of gold and donate it all at once I donate gold in small and manageable increments throughout the course of the week.

This scenario is no different than having a project assigned to you and being told it is due 1 month from today. This may be unorthodox for some people; however, I prefer working on my project every day in small increments, so that by the time the due date approaches I will have completed at least 80-95% of it.

Many members of my guild choose to donate the minimum of 5k Gold because they want to focus on maxing out their kingdoms. My suggestion is to create a balance between the two.

I believe this is reasonable and within the realm of possibility.

It would interesting to hear a devs opinion on this.

40k is a huge heap of gold?

would it really be so hard to donate 50% (or whatever other % you want) of your earnings and stockpile the rest til your where you need to be to bump up a kingdom?

[quote=“DemonicDraco, post:9, topic:5654, full:true”]
40k is a huge heap of gold?[/quote]

Yes. Not for me, but to most of my guild members yes, it is a lot and it takes a fair amount of time to allocate that amount.

[quote=“DemonicDraco, post:9, topic:5654, full:true”]
would it really be so hard to donate 50% (or whatever other % you want) of your earnings and stockpile the rest til your where you need to be to bump up a kingdom?[/quote]

No it is not hard.

In my opinion, what you’re suggesting is plausible in theory. However, in practice, many members of guilds don’t have time to think about what percentage of their earnings they will be willing to donate a given day and what percentage they will be willing to keep. With the system I suggested, whatever you donate to the kingdom will be locked and set in stone, thus giving you a better idea of what you’re left with. What you suggested is, regardless of how simple it is, is a thought process. The system I’m suggesting takes the thinking out of the equation.

honestly I’d rather my guild get their kingdom levels first, they will wind up with more gold in the long run that way. most arn’t donatin a ton atm, i think a few people besides myelf have finished their kingdom levels so task are still goin just a bit slower than before the update.

If the mechanic already exists (for guild donations) & transferring it over to kingdom leveling would be useful for some, why not?

I’d use it.

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This reminds me of the guild tithing system that was mentioned a month or so ago.

Do you have a link to the guild tithing page?

it would be nice to be able to add a bit to the kingdom at a time… like the 100, 500, 1000, 5000 options. :slight_smile:


I like this idea. I especially like that it’s a repurposing of something that already exists in the game – hopefully that makes less work for the developers and so more likely to be implemented.

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Here you go! ^^

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Kingdom donation bar seems pointless, and I doubt anyone uses the ascending troop sacrifice bar. Without a bar you know how much you have to donate, if you use the bar you have to look at the city details to see how much you need to donate. Using this feature would make the game worse and would be a waste of time to implement.

I use the Ascending troops bar. I would also have used the kingdom level bar had it been available when I was leveling my kingdoms.

I used to complain regularly about not being able to pace my guild contributions, and this would have helped.

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I would like a tithing system for guild contributions but i don’t know if every one else thinks that way. It would have to be a passive thing that happens in the back ground.

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