Kingdom Pass - THANK YOU DEVS

The rework of the Kingdom Pass is a great example of taking user feedback and making changes accordingly. Great work! It is so much more enjoyable to play now.


It’ll be a short while until Switch gets its next Kingdom Pass (6.9 launched in the middle of one so it remains at 5 weeks) so I will have to hold off a final judgment until then, but the flat Battlecrasher spawn rate and double Crowns per battlecrasher is very enjoyable already.


But how is it different from just rerolling every task, aside from having to tap reroll in the UI?

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Kingdom pass, not campaign


I just hope they dont introduce a new kingdom pass right after this one ends.

I am elated with the change for kingdom pass progression. I was skipping them until now.


They missed the point again!
Encounter indicator is good
Reduced runtime is good
Two crowns per battlecrasher is good
Still needs 5 crowns per level is bad
Needs fifty lvl is very bad

They have compressed the event into 2 weeks, this means you have to farm all 10 battlecrashers for 10 days. It was a pain in the arse.
With the longer version you could go for 7-8 battlecrashers per day and still get everything.

Before the change it took me up to 2 hours of Explore to get 10 Battle Crashers regularly. With the change it took me never more than 30 minutes. So I can’t complain.


Agree with OP, great change (Campaign tasks too)

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