Kingdom Music

:musical_note::video_game: Elevate Your Battle Experience with the All-New “Gems of War: Melodic Chronicles” Music Pack! :video_game::musical_note:

Rediscover the world of Krystara with a sonic twist! While “Gems of War” has always captivated us with its intricate puzzles and strategic gameplay, it’s time to enhance your experience with our brand-new themed music pack.

What’s Inside?

  1. Thematic Tunes: Dive into events, explores, and delves with tracks uniquely crafted for each adventure! Feel the suspense of battle, the joy of victory, and the thrill of exploration as never before.
  2. Dynamic Audio: Our music adapts to your game’s progression, intensifying as you approach crucial match points or celebrate epic wins.
  3. Top-Quality Compositions: Collaborated with renowned composers to bring a cinematic audio experience, immersing you deeper into the world of Krystara.

Why Upgrade?

  • Fresh Experience: Change can reinvigorate passion! Rediscover the game from a fresh perspective with tunes that keep you engaged.
  • Heightened Immersion: Feel more connected to the world and its lore. Every track is a narrative, guiding your journey through Krystara.
  • Support Game Development: Your purchase helps us continuously improve and expand “Gems of War,” ensuring many more adventures to come!

:star2: Join the rhythm of battle, and let the Melodic Chronicles guide your journey in “Gems of War”. Don’t just play, feel the game! :star2:

Meanwhile me, playing with all sounds turned off: “There’s music in this game?”


The idea is nice, but with games, that you play several hours a week for years, no matter how well things are made, music gets repetitive.
As said in the posting above, most players, myself included, likely turn off their ingame sound after a couple of months or so. And music, like graphics, is rather on the costly side to be developed, while the ways to monetise it are pretty meager (you can only fit so much of it into a trailer and, unlike graphic designs, nothing into screenshots or pictures, and even if your soundtrack is very well-made, you won’t be able to charge more than a fiver for it).

The atmospheric shifts also clash with the fact, that players aim to keep fights very, very short.

Would it be cool to have a separate theme for each kingdom, a fight takes place in? Definitely.
Would it justify the effort? Sadly not at all.


The only music worth listening to is the Gnomeapalooza theme :metal:


That’s for sure. That one is still :fire:

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