Kingdom Magic Bonus Bug

So I just leveled up a couple kingdoms to provide an additional magic bonus to all my troops. I confirmed that I actually received this bonus for all my troops except for Abynissia (and I presume all other summoner cards). Why do the summoning cards not benefit from the kingdom magic bonus (to a maximum of level 20 summoning) but all other cards do? That doesn’t seem right.

i just checked my summoning units and they all have all magic bonuses applied. could not check abynissia as i dont own that one yet.

perhaps you are mixing the magic with the level new troop is summoned with? the summoned level cannot exceed lv20, but magic can, check the top-left corner of spell page on the unit to see its magic.

if its indeed bugged for you i think providing some screen shots could help.

Summons levels are capped at the max level of the rarity you have ascended them to. If you don’t have the troop to be summoned, it is capped at their base rarity. Trait summons summon the troop at whatever level and ascension you have them in your collection. Abynissia only has a base magic of 13 at level 20, so keep that in mind as well. What is your Abynissia’s magic and what level Infernal King are you summoning?

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If you’ve got some screenshots of the cards that would help as well. And which kingdoms you have at level 10/5 stars/7 stars.

My Adynissia has magic level of 18. It was 16 before I upgrade those two kingdoms. She summoned a level 18 Inferno King before and after the upgrade.

When I boost her magic in a match with another card, she summons higher level Inferno Kings up to 20. I would have thought the Kingdom bonus would have worked the same way.

Unfortunately I cannot provide screen shots from before I upgraded those Kingdoms to level 10.

Likely a different bug, then. Spell summoners are intended summon troops equal to their magic level (min 1, maxed at rarity). If you were getting a level 18 infernal king with 16 magic abynissia before, that was the error, not the fact that you are getting a level 18 infernal king with 18 magic now. I’ve gotten some pretty weird stats on some summons occasionally that I can never reproduce, but they always seem to self correct after a restart.

That sounds like you might have had a troop with the Blessed trait in your team, for a 25% chance of boosting your magic from 16 to 18.