Kingdom level 10 bonus question

I’ve been leveling my kingdoms to level 10, without really verifying that I’m getting the bonuses. Today I decided to verify, and I did not get the bonus! But maybe I misunderstand how it is supposed to work.

My Leonis Empire was level 9. I did an explore there, and my Bombots had 24 armor.
Then I leveled the kingdom up to level 10, and it indicated that I now get a +1 armor bonus. Went to explore, and my Bombots still have 24 armor, instead of 25 armor as expected.

Is it a bug, or am I missing something?

As far as i know the stat should have increased… Have you tried restarting?


Also take into consideration buff/deff, either you have +1 Bless on your team, or the opponent has -1 Curse on their team.

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Restart fixed it. Thanks for the suggestion!