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Kingdom Hearts Union x - Is the "Anonymous" Union in KHUx related to the "Anonymous" guild in Gems?

Hey guys,

I just recently started playing a new mobile game titled Kingdom Hearts Union x. I rarely play mobile games (other than Gems) but have been enjoying this one so far. I recently saw that there is an option where you can join a party, and the first party the game brought up was called Anonymous. Does anyone know if the KUHx Anonymous is related to the Gems Anonymous? I am assuming not, but I did find it funny that of all parties to bring up, that is the first one it gave me haha!

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It is not related but you made me google that game :nerd_face:


Good to know, thank you! Yeah, I didn’t even know it existed until yesterday…apparently they are doing a contest where 300 people who play the game are going to get picked to have their names appear “somewhere in KH3.” It sounded intriguing, so I thought I’d try it :slight_smile:. So far, I have liked the game a lot more than I thought I would!

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Anon isn’t invite only? Hmm. :wink:

The funny part is that they are invite only! I had to request to be let in haha :wink: