Kingdom challenges bugged? (Not a bug)

I believe I’m experiencing a bug/glitch with my account. I cleared all 35 kingdom challenges and I cleared 4 separate kingdoms and my daily gold or hourly gold gains did not increase at all.

Platform, device version and operating system:

PC and on Android Mobile

Perhaps this might be a new change to the game but my hourly gold gains are still at 384g/hour after 4 entire kingdoms challenges were fully completed.

Completing kingdom challenges doesn’t increase your gold income, you just get a one-time soul reward. Quest lines offer a slight increase to gold income at certain points in the quest line, it’s listed as part of the reward whenever that happens.

Alright thanks! I could have sworn I remembered it giving increased daily gold.

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We have some comprehensive information on tributes here! Glad there is no issue :smiley:

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