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Kingdom and their color troops

Drifting Sands updated:

# blue green red yellow purple brown
408 57 128 90 228 105 210
prev 13,97% 31,37% 22,06% 55,88% 25,74% 51,47%
# blue green red yellow purple brown
412 78 121 100 203 129 194
current 18,93% 29,37% 24,27% 49,27% 31,31% 47,09%
diff 4,96% -2,00% 2,21% -6,61% 5,58% -4,38%

New troops: Blue/Purple and Red/Green. Both Yellow and Brown dropped. As expected.

Double update today. Grosh’Nak and Sins of Maraj… But i’m lazy after Easter, so won’t post what has changed :stuck_out_tongue: figure it out yourselves

Silverglade updated. Moved from #1 spot for purple color to #5 spot.

This is a fantastic resource! Thanks for doing this :slight_smile:

Doing it weekly.
This week there will be Ghulvania update as new troop was added to kingdom.

Ghulvania updated. It dropped from top5 in purple, but claimbed into top5 in red. Top5 tables updated.

Urskaya and Glacial Peaks updated as well as top5 tables.

Updated Pridelands after faction release… and now it’s realy toping red with 65% chance of red troops… meaning on average you get like 2,6 red troops per battle (most commonly: 3).

Still on to do list: Adana

Adana done. Red, Yellow and Brown tables updated.

next up: Forest of Thorns

Table updated after Maugrim Woods 7 troops released! (including 3 mythics and 4 non-mythic).

It also reshuffled top5 in Red. Next up: Ghulvania, after faction added(might do more red reshuffling)

Ghulvania updated. Now it’s #1 in purple.

Next up. Probably Dragon’s Claw.

Dragon’s Claw updated. Nothing changed in top5.
Next up? We will see. Currently I’m not able to do more than 1 kingdom/week- 2weeks.