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Kicking Guild Member Leads to Game Error (Resolved)


Expectation: The selected guild member is removed from the guild roster.

What Happens: I try to kick the member, the game freezes with an error message. “Server Error:” followed by the guild member’s invite code. Then the game resets or freezes.

How Often: It is only specific to certain guild members, if they are one of them, it happens every time.

Started: After the last update, it first happened. A few days later, I was able to kick the person. Today it happens repeatedly to one guild member but never happened with the other guild member.

Steps to Replicate: Attempt to kick this certain guild member.

Hey can you please take a screenshot of the error code and PM it along with the name of the player you’re trying to kick?

Hey Kafka,

I cannot take a screen shot. The issue has resolved. This happened the exact same way the last time this happened.

I tried to kick the person, it said, “Error Code:,” followed by the players invite code, and then restarted the game. However, the next day, I tried again, and it kicked them.

If it happens again, I will get a screen shot of it and let you know.



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