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Keep being booted and can we have a back up feature?

Hey, been playing for at least a year or two now and love the game and even love all the new added. My issues is after the update I keep getting booted out of the game and keep losing the fights I am in. I don’t care to lose if the team is OP but to be kick out in the middle of the fight that’s mess up. I do notice that i don’t have this problem when I am at my work but at home is an other story and I don’t get it. If you know what the issue is can you help me.

Also is there kind of save feature so those in a fight if they go off or get kick out can go back to the fight? I know many games have this but not Gems of War, will you guys/gals ever put one in I would like to know.

With love and thank you for your time Zotar from Sword of Justice.