Karakoth Power Level

As an end-game player, I have Karakoth at power level 27.

I have all the weapons from this kingdom fully upgraded, I 've even bought and upgraded Staff of Madness.

Level 28 isn’t achievable at all, because it requires 14 weapons, but only 13 exist in the game. However, almost every day I receive this useless ingot offer. It won’t help at all and it gives me the feeling I’m missing somethig useful that might have appeared in this slot.

And it seems it’s here to stay for a long time :sob:
Is it possible to have one more weapon from Karakoth? We’ve had Raid Boss from there recently, maybe, Invasion? (Two weapons would be even better.)

P.S. I’m not sure if this is a QoL issue or a bug, but it certainly makes me (and other players, I guess) unhappy.


Yes, useless offers have been a long standing problem. They announced at the end of last year that they were going to do something about them but we have not seen any change as of yet.

I personally have just parked Kingdom Powers at 20. It limits Tribute but that’s something that I’m willing to give up until I can get a Kingdom to PL30.


Yeah, I’ve decided to fo the same.
Unfortunately, I had raised Karakoth and Maugrim Woods power levels to 25 long before this bright idea came to my mind :grin:

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