Just started this on PS4

Hey, I just started this game on PS4. So far I am having a lot of fun with it. Since I am new I am still in the learning process. I don’t know much about synergy yet so my best team is just a hodge podge of characters that let me win at a basic level in PvP. I do have a few questions if you guys can help me out.

  1. What exactly determines the level of guys I fight in PvP? The levels seem to be all over the place and it looks like since yesterday they give harder guys to fight with a smaller pay out.
  2. What exactly should I be focusing on as a new player?
  3. Should I be opening a lot of chests? I opened a whole bunch of regular chests and apparently the game just loves giving me the Bandit, Villager, Wraith and the Valkyrie.
  4. I guess this is also part of the last question. It looks like it’s sort of easy to accumulate gold and glory points. Should I be hoarding them or spending them as I get them?

Thanks for any help.

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Maybe you can join them and start with some vets.

  1. The PVP matchups are a bit of a mystery to everyone. Anyone that has played PVP in the last few hours is in the avaiilable pool of players for matchups, and there is some kind of formula to determine who gets matched up, but it isn’t exactly clear. Generally speaking, the game tries to match people with similar progress in the game, but the results aren’t perfect (sometimes, you’ll get an overwhelming mismatch one way or the other).
  2. This is hard to say - there are a LOT of options available to you. I’d suggest working on unlocking and levelling up as many kingdoms as possible. This gives you greatly increased passive income from tributes, which you can use to reinvest in kingdoms and troops. In the first few months, you should try to get all of the kingdoms unlocked and then levelled up to level 5, then start working on getting them up to level 10, but this is a long process. If you are enjoying PVP, this is the best source of gold, so spend some time doing this every week. Also, find and join the best guild that you can find (where “best” is determined by having lots of players actively playing and contributing to guild tasks every week). This is the best source of keys, gems and general resources in the game. Tons of players either play without a guild or are in one with few active players and they don’t know what they are missing out on.
  3. Early on, open chests as soon as you get keys, since more troops means more options. Once you find you aren’t getting new troops very often anymore, there are some advanced strategies to maximize returns and target missing troops, but for now, just open everything you get.
  4. Gold should generally be spent on levelling up your kingdoms and contributing to guild tasks (as long as others are contributing too). Use your glory to purchase the weekly troops in the shop. This not only gives you new troops which you can’t get from other sources for a while, but also gives other resources (notably 5000 gold per purchase and Arcane traitstones, which are quite rare).

Hope that helps - always feel free to ask more quesitons here.


You got Valkyrie, use her with hero blue weapon. Sword of heroes for example. Use another blue troop as well. Wraith is fine, but try using a blue troop that hits multiple enemies, like Giant crab or Knight Coronet. Hammerhead has a nice boost ratio

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First off I just want to thank everyone for the quick and informative replies. I do have another question regarding PvP. Lets just say I have a team that is at an average of level 10. Now I want to try out a new team but they are all at level one. Will the game put me with enemies at that level or do I gotta fight level 10’s with my level 1’s?

I’d get through all quests and easy stuff first, so you get used to the way each troop works and then get into the harder stuff later.

Good luck!

@JuaitoR What order would you put them in?

Hero is probably your tankiest troop, so use him up front. And Valkyrie creates blues, so you’ll want a blue troop behind her, otherwise the blue troop may die and her blues will go nowhere.
That being Said:

Hero (sword of heroes)
Blue troop
Rest of the colours troop


Hero (sword of heroes)
Rest of colours troop
Blue troop

Set your banner to Adana so you get Valkyrie ready to cast faster

About your PvP question, the team you use doesn’t affect how the game matches you with enemies.

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I got another question, guys… what should I be doing with the gems? I haven’t spend any of mine yet. Is there anything I can do with them other than opening up those big boy chests?

First thing is to save up and buy Dragon Armor or Celestial Armor (depending on whether you think you want gold or souls more). Then save up and buy the other. The only exception to that would be if you think you REALLY like the game and want to invest $50 USD, in which case, you buy the Deathknight Armor with cash which gives the benefit of both of those sets of armor at the same time.

After that, using gems to buy gem chests is probably the best use. Once you have quite a few legendary troops, depending on the week and whether you are targeting a particular legendary troop, you might also consider using gems to buy Event Chests.

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