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Just some Photoshop arts (.psd's included for each post)

Just a random art I decided to do. I also uploaded the .psd file for those who wanted to poke about. Keep in mind I didn’t bother making it clean and nice in the .psd. So its a bit messy. I did merge the pen paths and added a light blur to the edges. More detailing could/can be done but stopped there. I also merged the painted layers. The only ones I didn’t merge fully was the base. As I wanted to show how the image came together. Why did I merge the painted layers and rasterize the pen paths? Simply so no one had the full original. The ‘art by’ doesn’t need to be there and can be removed in the .psd. Its just a reminder that it was my work. So it wasn’t added to be perfect placement, over a reminder.

  • Simple base pen paths
  • Then added airbrush, smudge, mixer and a scratched effect to painted layers

(Maybe I went a little silly with the painting tools, but eh <3)


The .psd can be picked up from here >http://www.filedropper.com/cfacemg (fixed link gave link to the main part … oops).


NOTICE : This is a simple tutorial and it includes a fair amount of reading. So stop here if you do not wish to read.

And for those who want a painted effect but lack the skill to do it manually. I made a simple tutorial of one way you can. Without putting a image through a painted filter and expecting amazing results. As every painted filter I’ve seen tends to leave artifacts behind or messes in spots. Now this tutorial does use a sequence of filters but I feel it creates a much better end result then taking a single source image and a painted filter and saying ‘paint this’. I will be adding .psd’s to this thread. So others can see how you can make simple things. I do more complex but I think its best to put up the simple with .psd’s.

The tutorial is simple enough to follow and can help do nice effects for many images. I also went ahead and did some light shadow and highlight work from the tutorial image. Just to show how simple it is to enhance something you have made.



Before I explain. The original image is not my own, rather used only to help others with Photoshop. The end result of course as simple as it is, is my own.

You can add or modify anything mentioned here for more customized results.

This simple tutorial is to show you how to create a very fun and easy to use digital painting effect.

  1. First use the image found here : oi66.tinypic.com/kcnn87.jpg. And then place it into memory via copy. As you will be pasting a few copies so this makes it easier.

  2. Create a background layer and fill it with white. Name it simply ‘bg’.

  3. Paste the original to a new layer. Then use the photocopy effect. Use values that help the image become fairly crisp/clean. Using detail : 7 & darkness : 8, will be good. Or you can try for better results. Name the layer ‘photocopy’. And set the fill to 40%.

  4. Paste the original to a new layer. And simply use ‘desaturate’. I used ‘hard light’. Though you can use any layering you wish, and even play with opacity to your taste. Name the layer ’ orig b&w’.

  5. Make a copy of the layer ‘photocopy’. Invert it. Then add a ‘gaussian blur’ of 5 or around to it. Adjust to taste. Set the layer to ‘exclusion’ or ‘subtract’. Name it ‘photocopy invert blur’.

  6. Make a copy of the layer ‘photocopy’. Then add a ‘gaussian blur’ of 2 or around to it. Adjust to taste. Set the layer to ‘soft light’. Name it ‘photocopy blur’. And set the fill to 50%.

  7. Paste the original to a new layer. Name the layer ‘orig lighten’. And set the layer to ‘lighten’. And set the fill to 50%.

  8. Paste the original to a new layer. Name the layer ‘orig darken’. And set the layer to ‘darken’. And set the fill to 50%.

  9. Paste the original to a new layer. And use the neon effect. Set the layer to ‘saturation’. And set the fill to 50%.

  10. (optional) Create any adjustment layers you wish to enhance your image. I simply just used ‘brightness/contrast’. Though more can be used to really make it look better.

Here is the tutorial Photoshop file if you would like to see my work. www.filedropper.com/succutut. This Photoshop file and result is not public domain. It is supplied only to assist you with learning. You may not repost, claim as your work, or store in any place online. If you do 10,000 angry kittens of doom shall hunt you.

P.S. While this can work for many images. There are some which may require additional steps and/or changes to the layers, layer opacity/fill to look as they should. Such as images with low definition/contrast. In some instances there may even be more work that is needed if the scene has a lot of detail. It is best to use bold or good contrast images to start with. And images with minimal to moderate detail for simplicity.

And here is the tutorial base before shading/highlights.


And then here is that same tutorial image enhanced with shadows/highlights and placed side by side with the original source.


Of course there are all sorts of way to do images. I have a fondness to doing oil or watercolor type digital art since I also do oil and watercolor real life. So I like my art to have that same feel. That is just me.