Just saying Hello 👋

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here, man. I almost forgot I was part of this community. It took the ‘Game’ tab in the menu section of the game to have a problem, :person_shrugging:. I said to myself, why not just say hello while I was scrolling through :wave:


Welcome back.
It seems to me that most people visit this forum only because of bugs in the game.

Thanks. I was away from the game for a while as well because I had issues with my PS4. I got back on and remembered there was a forum. I always wanted to post something but I was busy and kept forgetting. As soon as I saw there was a problem with the game and came on to check, I said to myself I had to post at least something to get back into the habit of it. Yup, a bad time like this brings people together :pensive::sweat_smile::laughing:

Hell, at first i thought my touchscreen was dying xD


It was a good thing it wasn’t your touchscreen. Before checking on here I thought it was my PS4 acting up (again). So I backed up all my saves just to get ready to initialize it, but then I had the thought of having to re-install everything. I was like, “heck no”, there’s got to be another reason because I wasn’t doing that… hours of installing things, nope. But still, having to wait just for something to be done while events are taking place is just as bad in my opinion.

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