Just Realized Bosses Are Homeless!

This Eternal Nobend Brothers isn’t from Zaejin.

Everything is fine on my end.
In cases like this you need to completely uninstall and reinstall the game.

Yeah there’s nooo way I can be bothered doing that for this. Nope. Nuh-uh. Plus you got the wrong one apparently.

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Your SS isnt of the dungeon boss Nobend the one in OP is (tbh never paid attention to those details and seen he died already today gotta wait next sunday to check on PS4).


Oops, it’s the Dungeon one. Will have to check it next week.

I could be wrong but i think all unobtainable troops dont have kingdoms listed on their cards

Perhaps we should start a shelter for homeless Bosses?


Yup, no kingdom for bosses:

Nobend Brothers vs. Eternal Nobend Brothers


Wasn’t there once a boss from a quest line, that used to occasionally terrorize players during an explore of that kingdom?

I just remembered this thread today…King Owlbear - homeless, King Gloom Leaf - homeless, Eternal Wulfgarok - homeless.
Them poor creatures…

This thread should be changed and moved to the Bug Report section. :slight_smile:

I’m not actually sure it should be. If this were “fixed” in-game … The database probably can’t handle having alternate versions of the same troops in the same kingdom. It would throw flags for “this number of kingdom troops is possible to achieve” when it had some unattainable boss nonsense in reality.

Just another silly system we get to live with I think.