Just gonna say this, Devs...SCREW your guild wars pay to win nonsense

I am trying to further my own game AND play guild wars…it’s not possible to do at the same time…while I am still spending all of my resources to get troops, level then…using my gems that I BUY to get VIP and gem chests…the damn upper guilds are SMASHING My already very good teams in guild wars like they’re nothing…No I mean we all lose…but that’s not the point…I am going against players with +3,4 and 5 bonuses to all stats. THIS tight here is garbage…Proof positive that the devs are HEAVILY favoring the upper 10 to 15 guilds because they “usually” pump more rt money into the game…in turn to guild wars…so they dominate,while destroying everyone else…the players that play…the guilds that participate and the the leaderboards show this all to be true…you don’t see any rank 300…and rank 1500 guilds in the top brackets of guild wars, No…it’s the top guilds that cram unneeded resources that they have a surplus in to rip everyone else apart. plain and simple…Please remove this Crap so EVERYONE can enjoy guild wars and rack up some victories

Just think about the popularity boost this game will have with new players if they could hit the top in guild wars?..and not just give up and onto another game because the resource dump is garbage and unfair.

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Wow that is wrong in so many ways. You think all the higher levels just paid money and magically went to level 1000? There is a lot of top players i know that dont pay anything, or at least not past Vip 1


Well, he also thinks that new players should end up on top in Guild Wars… Reaity must hurt for him.


If you want to win at guild wars you have to have 30 active players! Not 28 not 25 and not 10! The top 5 or so guilds have this in spades!


I don’t know why you think top players are constantly getting out their credit cards to buy gems. Trust me, that NEVER happens. I have over 6k gems from guild tasks and legendary tasks, all earned from people in my guild spending lots of time playing, not from spending lots of money.

Occasionally people buy seals, or weapons. Gems are such bad value that I don’t know of anyone that ever buys them.

We have good stat bonuses because our guild is well organised and we play lots, so we can afford to all invest in level 3 sentinels (we know we’ll get that back from tasks and from rewards).


Making a statement that the devs ‘favour’ the high end guilds more than others is rather far fetched without any evidence. Guild Wars, as much as I do not like/enjoy it, is balanced pretty well in my opinion. The top end guilds are there for a reason, working successfully as a team.

Obviously your guild Crimson Sky have guild wars as optional, there lies part of the issue. If you had a full roster and all participating then you would obviously accumulate more points. More points means more chance of progress and better rewards to spend on improving for everyone. In Quimby we are down by 4 players this week which is putting a strain on the guild in guild wars, sustaining top tier level is hard work and more so this week.

Also, higher end guilds need more end game players to keep it up. The lower the rank players who cannot contribute gold to complete statues will only hinder the guild as the look to progress.

Obviously you know this so don’t take the statement above personally as it is not a dig at yourself. I don’t envy those who run a guild as I have seen how much hard work it is, it is hard enough work with helping out my GM with recruitment :slightly_smiling_face:


Let’s just say you’re not the first player to feel this way.


It is a bummer that they do have all cards and resources max and guild wars just gives them more.

But it is a exciting new way to play and gives us lower guilds a little bit to enjoy each week, just not as much as they get.


I am over level 1000.
I have been playing almost 3 years.
As far as paying goes, I’ve only paid enough to get to VIP 8. That’s far from getting maxed.
At the moment, I am only missing 4 Mythics from having a full collection.
All of my Troops are max levels. And about 1/4th of them are fully traited.

I am not one of those P2W players.
But what you’re saying is that it is not fair when new players cannot possibly compete against me in GW.
What are you? Communist?
How could it POSSIBLY be fair if new players can compete against me? :confused:
Your logic on game-fairness is clearly flawed.


I am surprised that we are giving his post the




What a load of bollocks. How do you know how much money people in our guild pump into the game? Seriously dude, I don’t think I can agree with you here.


I’m vip 5 & only got to vip 5 after deciding I needed more arcanes to around level 800. I went up over 800 levels since joining a top end guild, because I decided I needed to graft my backside off to be able to compete.
I’ve never bought gems once, all of mine are through tribute, maps & PLAYING THE Game (you know - like other people do)
You guys obviously have the skills & the high level players, but we all have to face the same ai regardless of our vip level, so get a grip…




Not really. We have a guild of 4 players currently in bracket 22. We ended top 3 in the bracket.


We’re running 4 light this week and have never had a full roster. 27/30 can’t come soon enough for quimby.


Let me take this one step further.
I am over level 1100
I have also been playing for almost 3 years.
I have only paid enough to reach VIP level 3 (just under 35 euro’s)
I have all troops and all but 2 of them are fully traited.

Does that really sound like P2W to you?


Let me take this one step even further…

Lv 960, VIP 0. Not a dime spent. Have 350ish troops raised to mythic. Have at least half of bade mythics (haven’t done the math, but missing plague, gard, war, ra, and maybe 2 more…) Been playing for 1-1.5 ish years. In GW bracket 2, where I always do sentinels to lv 3. Oh, did I mention over a million gold on hand, 70k glory on hand, and 30k gems on hand? Literally all as a free player.


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You would have to mortgage a house to p2w this game. VIP keys are even garbage these days.

:joy: OMG this crybaby stuff again? I’m a beast and hadn’t never paid one red cent til Friday. Please. Level 580


Yup, it seems to never ends. Always the same people, always. A handful of people…