Just getting stupid now

Okay go into PvP play 99 times against the same team’s over and over and it’s becoming tedious now yeah i’ve quitted most of them yeah i’ve lost some of them yeah i’ve won 15/20 times but this is getting very very stupid same people 6/10 of the time, same team 8/10 of the time, go to refresh 10 times back to the same 3 when I first used more like wasted my gems on, go to casual refresh 25 times practically same result can we have a way of like a big 1000 x 3 table of sorts showing (well maybe less than 1000 but could be a good idea) to show more people to play against because quite literally it’s becoming very stupid and I want to play a fun relaxing game of PvP yeah people will probs flame but i’m sure most will agree that playing against the same opponent 20 odd times within the hour is stupid more likely said before but when I’ve been playing on PC version the chances of playing the same person for me is like 3/10? same team 2/10? but on consoles it is just wow as i’ve said stupid yeah I know we’re on the week which Dragons are obviously gonna be used all the time for defence needless to say I’ve killed 1000 TDS’s by now. An I for one have gone against some different teams in the mean time which i’ve actually found relaxing and fun to play against now I just see Dragon’s and I’m just like meh, half the time I just quit soon as I load to try and save my gems but times are I spend them to try to get by quicker because I even can’t be bothered with the loading screen it is pushing me to quit but I really do not want to as I love the game in all it’s entirety but I for the life of me am starting to get a ‘little’ I put the emphasis on little mighty loosely I might add annoyed with the current state of PvP for console as it stands unless your trying to roll out updates for it and we got to wait for MS/Sony for the update to be put on then fair enough.

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Oh man, holy wall of unorganized text. I read to the third sentence and just couldn’t continue. Paragraph that story next time, man.

I do understand your pain, though. I never refresh pvp because it often will match me against somebody I had already seen from earlier, whether it be a different battle or from another refresh. There isn’t enough incentive to make players change off of RNG cheese defense teams, IMO.

I don’t know what level you are, but past a certain point you will primarily see a mix of a select few cards (mostly RNG instagib cards and/or their direct supports) in defense teams. For me, that feels like Famine, Khorvash, Kraken, Giant Spider, Bone Dragon, DK hero, Archer hero, Assassin hero, Forest Guardian, and Kerberos.


I thought I had long sentences :no_mouth:

Edit: So just to add a normal comment:-

I really do believe the game has evolved well. The tedious parts come from monotonous PVP, so I can only advise to give it a rest or look into the other sections of GoW.

It has changed in many ways, with more exciting improvements soon to come. It may take time, but overall, I believe the devs really do listen to their customer base.

So I can only disagree here.


There is an change pending to increase the PvP pool on console. I don’t think it was included in update the that was just resubmitted 1-2 days ago.

Good news: More variety is planned.
Bad news: Its probably months away (until the next, next update)

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I’m level 1039 and yeah sorry I knew someone was gonna mention about the unorganization of my text it’s something I struggle with unfortunately sorry. All i’ve had is TDS teams, Justice, FG, Famine and Goblin teams nothing different lol

How many gems does a period cost? :thinking:


Your kind doesn’t belong here troll.

Wow brudda was all that in one breath?

I’m level 640 and throughout the whole game, and I was able to keep around 90% win rate (invade-wise).
… What’s the problem with PvP defense being 5 teams in a loop?

Actually, if you think about it, all the popular defense teams are based around specific mechanics.

Status effects - Mab
Drain - Khorwash / Famine
Skulls - Bone Dragon / Soul Keeper
Stats - Weekly

What’s wrong with you having to counter them? Personally, I use 3-8 teams for PvP (3 generate souls, 5 do not). I either counter my opponent or I farm souls. Or I get bored and have my fun with the other teams.

Sir, do not get me wrong.
… But PvP defense is fine. You should be having fun building your own invade teams countering the enemy. And that’s exactly how current version works.
And I’m sorry if this sounds like news… But PvP has never been about relax. In any game. Ever. Period.


@Nimhain confirmed it was included

I must have missed Nimhains post about that, Thanks! That’s great news.


Was @Saltypatra, but yeah they’re slated for the next patch:


That’s a bit out of order, @extraturn was just gently poking fun… that’s hardly troll behaviour…

Your first post is kinda hard to read: you’ll get more sympathy / agreement / note from devs if people can follow what you say more easily.

To actually answer your post: yeah the matchmaking in PvP is a pain sometimes. PC/Steam is better than consoles it seems - unsure if that’s because of more players or a different algorithm. Variety in teams also gets much better in the PC/Steam version, as there’s more troops to choose from, I guess.