Just another post crying about how Difficult the Delves are for the Devs to ignore

This literally just dawned on me…
“Hey guys we know the Delves are too Difficult for players.”
Since then they made it marginally easier.
But before then created rooms to make it absurdly more Difficult.

Dark Pits to clear in 3 rooms requires going through a level 5 room. Which means you’ll most likely be running against one of the 3 above. Dark Pits faction troops rely on doing damage against the first position troop.

Making shit like that even a more reched experience (look at the time and kill count). I know this information isn’t news to most of you. But I bet it is to at least one dev.
So while the devs are busy behind the scenes adding all sorts of bells and whistles to the game. Please consider actually doing something about the mess that your ignorance is 100% responsible for and finally make the Delves achievable for the average Joe. Because when this… (plus medal upgrades)

Can’t get it done… Then you’ve made it way too niche.

But hey fack fuctions right?
It’s not like getting them to 2500 will delay progression with any other facet of the game…

Oh wait… :roll_eyes:

TL:DR (for the devs who like their feedback in bite sized form) Deeds and Medals threw a glass of water on a forest fire. Meaning? Delves still are way too Difficult and not enough of you truly understand that.




= Still failure


I prefer the 4-room path. It’s easier for pure faction team, imo - the legendary room, as you noted, is a pain.


The best thing I ever did for my blood pressure was stop worrying about Delves.

You are playing GoW, and GoW is playing you, and if it were any different you’d quit. GoW is dangling achievements in front of you and they are designed to be so hard, it takes a little luck to get them. GoW’s target audience responds to this like cats to catnip. If you weren’t just a little mad about it, you’d be bored and mad about that.

Being mad a lot does awful things to a person. There are games that are this challenging but also reward you for overcoming the challenge and eventually say, “You did it, you got me, I am out of challenges.” I think we’re all a little sick because we’re addicted to these games that deny us the pleasure of release by promising to extend the climax.

So I think the devs aren’t “not paying attention” so much as “pleased their system is working as designed”. The best way to get under their skin is to stop chasing their carrot, but they know you’re here because you consider that a losing move. That is why you’re always mad, you are a mouse in a cage that only unlocks if you do something against your core values.

Sometimes those core values demand maintenance. If you are really having fun, then posts like this are part of that fun because you are a person who needs questionably-attainable goals to thrive. But be very careful. For every “artist who finds comfort in their art”, there’s a Kurt Cobain or Layne Staley. Sometimes the art’s just another cog in the dependency machine, and acts as an enabler instead of therapy.

There are games where 2 hours a week eventually results in a congratulations, because you succeed at every challenge and can move on to another game. GoW is a game where spending 2 hours only reminds you what you could get if it were 4. Spending 4 hours only reminds you of what you could get if it were 8. Even if you spend 8 or more hours, you’re reminded the rewards you get will be available again next week and you need to commit to doing it every week. It is encoded in our expectations for the game that if some % of players reaches “the end of Delves”, the devs will replace it with a harder challenge that takes more effort to complete.

That’s technically an abusive relationship. No matter how much you give GoW, it will ask more. You are never going to be congratulated for solving its puzzles. If you finish the fastest, it will only respond, “It is my fault for making it so easy a player like you wasn’t challenged.” Think about Shinji Ikari. He’s the target audience for an F2P game. We weren’t quite meant to look up to him as a hero, we were meant to pity him as a victim.


I bought 9 Power potions on an alt account the last time Dark Pits was available, and still sometimes lost 2 troops in 1st room to deathmarks.

I would like to see future mythics tied to faction teams. A horned Rattigar, that could summon others would help. A Harpy that inflicted Stun, so that the enemy Harpy 5% summon didn’t trigger as often. A Setauri that cleansed…

idk, I get that it is supposed to be a challenge. Without a chance to summon more troops, that challenge is too much for me.


I came here to see if they had any sort of update for making the delves doable. The amount of gold needed to level it up is crazy and waiting on a mythic drop to level is even worse. I am hoping they do something. It’s definitely the worst part of the game for me. Not fun at all. I just want the achievement out of the way so I can ignore delves all together.