Just a regular Gems of War week

Monday morning, log into GoW.

  • Oh hi there, Luther. Tapping highlighted button does nothing. Game softlocks. Luther just doing Luther things.
  • Check daily offer. Buggy ingot offer? Buggy ingot offer.
  • Explore Kingdom Pass UI. No confirmation prompt. 100 gems down the drain, lol.
  • ‘Purchase’ button greyed out in Europe anyway :man_shrugging:.
  • Complete new kingdom’s quest line. No War Coins. Come on, man. Open ticket.
  • Check Soulforge. No new weapons. ‘Oops, our bad’. [Natura’s Star still missing as of Friday]
  • Start campaign tasks. Multiple deja vus. Too lazy to add alternative tasks for kingdoms with few troops, no delve, no class, I guess.
  • Start journey event, put Hawthorn on team. Game softlocks.

Later that day.

  • Guild reports miles calculation is way off.

Tuesday morning, check forums.

  • Sorry, extra turns count as turns. Might fix at some point, or not.
  • Postpone playing the rest of my Journey sigils.

Early Wednesday morning.

  • Check guild’s GW scores. Suspiciously low. Can’t be right. Check forums. 132 posts, no official word.
  • Postpone playing GW battles.

Thursday midday.

  • Still no official word.
  • No fix for Hawthorn softlocking, no fix for GW scoring, no fix for Journey miles, no Natura’s Star in forge.
  • Running short on time.
  • Play Journey sigils, no softlock :partying_face:.
  • Play Guild Wars. Forced to take extra risks to avoid having to take Ts and Ls. Sweaty palms for an hour straight.
  • Win all games. Check scores. Get screwed over by bug anyway.

And today’s only Friday.

Friday Edit: Started playing class event, had the AI steal turns. Truly the darkest timeline.


You forgot take a 5 match not frozen and the AI proceeds to take turn even though it’s still your turn and loops the living crap out of you. If I break another controller over this nonsense I’m quitting the game. It’s enough you have to really look for those new gems without having wins taken from you 2 wars in a row because they don’t consider 5 matches as extra turns from time to time. Oh I was not frozen and the Def had no freeze capabilities.

Look at it on the bright side: it’s TGIF, and given this company’s dedication to taking a GoW break after office hours, it is very unlikely that any new b̶u̶g̶s̶ content will be released until monday.
:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:


Apparently they can break things even after leaving the office. AI stealing turns it back :man_facepalming:


I dont know about you guys, but i want more season passes.


Not only is this ridiculous it is arrogant.
I am absolutely convinced at this point that all these new releases, new content and updates filled with bugs and unintended behavior/unexpected behavior is a company strategy.

WE are the beta testers.

There might be some called beta testers, but I believe that is just for show.
The bugged releases has been going on for so long, that it can only be intentional, that we - the players are doing the actual testing AND they make money from passes, offers etc. at the same time.
No shareholders would allow all these bugs for so long, it is embarrasing to keep releasing half finished work - or at least one would think that. But I don’t think their earnings are effected - they are saving money by not properly testing new content before release and selling tons of passes and offers.

Salty is gone, we don’t know why, but we know they havn’t hired a new community manager - again saving money.

A bug in Guild Wars - so what, it doesn’t have any impact on their earnings. Most have used gems on sentinels Monday: before the discovery of the defense team bug - there are no more gems to be used= no missed earning. They don’t care for the veteran players anyway because they are the ones that spend the least money on the game or maybe now with World Event passes, they managed to keep the veterans spending money. But the veterans are probably also the ones on here that complains…

Puzzle Quest 3, their other game is being handled this way too: They call it early access. In reality the players are beta testers!!! Tons of feedback on the forum that they ignore. They are taking the game in their direction, regardless of player feedback. And at the same time they offer vip pass plus lots of other offers.
“Test the game for us and Pay for it at the same time”.


@Shaylynn I think you are just being used as a beta tester in paper. Just part of Steam requirement to complete some process.