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Just A Comment About Some Guild Terms (parent/baby & sister guild)

Its not a big deal but just a little tug on my mental fibers. What is that? What the difference between a baby (child)/parent guild and a sister guild are.

A baby guild if created by the parent guild is a guild the parent guild has full access to and dealings with. IE A parent guild and a baby guild are run by the same guild. Hence the term parent/baby. The parent is directed by itself and the baby is guided by the parent.

A sister guild is a guild you are not directly connected to, though decide to partner together to benefit both guilds. 2 sister guilds are not operated by the same guild, nor do they have full access to them, and/or dealings with. Both sister guilds are directed/guided by themselves with determined/agreed upon connectivity to one another.

I see some,especially recently on the PS4 (though I am sure happens on other platforms as well) who are mentioning their baby guilds as sister guilds. While it truly doesn’t matter. Knowing what defines each is a good thing. Or you can toss a book at me and say ‘shhhh’.


Sorry, couldn’t help it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: