JuJuB’s Revenge is Recruiting

Hi everyone - our guild JuJuB’s Revenge is recruiting! We are an active and tight-knit group, no drama allowed, but looking to grow just a little larger with the right players who want to have fun and grow over time. Right now we are at 19 of 30 slots, so looking for 11 people to fill the ranks so everyone can get ALL the goodies every week!! Would even welcome merging a smaller guild into ours if that’s the right move! Contact Gnashgash if interested. Thanks all and hoping we can find a way to play and grow together!!

How is your guild doing at the moment? My guild, Sultans of Surge, is looking to get rid of our less active members. We’re at rank 112 & still climbing. We complete all regular guild tasks (not always epic), and we always hit 40k seals on mythic weeks. We’re a friendly drama-free bunch. We have space for up to 10 people. If you’d like to merge with us, let me know.