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Journey to the Past

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/journey-to-the-past/

Courage don’t desert me…

New Troop: Ancient Golem

PSA: Know your rocks, Adventurers! Not all rocks are simply mineral matter of variable composition, consolidated or unconsolidated, assembled in masses or considerable quantities in nature, as by the action of heat or water.

Consider the following:
Is the rock hot and glowing and accompanied by the sound of explosions? It may be a Lava Elemental.
Does the rock have horns and an evil glare? It may be a Dark Monolith.
Does the rock have a large beardy face and smell of Dwarves? It may be a Dwarven Gate.
Is the Rock missing a ‘k’? It may simply be a large armored bird.
Is the rock cold to the touch and growling at you? That sounds like an Ice Golem.
Is the rock completely impassable and accompanied by more sound of explosions? That sounds like the Daemon Lord, Gorgotha.
Is the Rock a bit ethereal? A Rock Spirit maybe.
Is the Rock carrying an uprooted tree? That sounds like a Stone Giant.
Or is it carrying a guitar? That’s a rock musician.

Finally, if the Rock has a large blue gem in it, watch out - it’s probably an Ancient Golem!

Please note this Event is exclusive to the Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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First this time.

Im just glad this troll doesn’t change color we got enough of them

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Or it could be this guy



The rock troll will fit more with this :slight_smile:

Console hits rock bottom?

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I am a rock, I am an island . . .

Oops, sorry, wrong genre. Must have sand in the gears (little tiny baby rocks).


Explodes gems, does true damage, and is Impervious. Interesting. :thinking:

New option for impervious with these colors if you don’t like Draco

A beast in Arena and yellow to boost Dawnbringer…

Sapphire beam means there’s another 5 to go plus a skull beam.

You think we will find the 5 other gems to complete the gauntlet?


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Soooo the random Dispel and true damage is to the same enemy?

Correct I’d say, certainly reads that way to me. ‘Them’ gives it away

Barrier is becoming so useless

Thanks, English is not my first tongue.

And i hope we get Gard on the soulforge, so tired of the repeated troops in there.

Lol love the movie reference in the post :smiley:

Random dispel is useless, at least make it dispel all enemies…

Was Wisp not frustrating enough? (The dispel in this case is clearly so the troop does guaranteed true damage to its target, barrier or no. Not a mechanic I hope to see often.)

Hmm… let’s give this thing empowered, a board mod and an extra turn, then start comparisons to Wisps…?

In all the rage I have felt towards Wisps, I don’t remember it ever being because of the dispel effect.

Dispel has such a situational and marginal effect on the game anyway; this one’d be useful for taking Enrage or Enchant effects off enemies as well, but not if it’s a 25% chance of targeting the affected enemy…

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