Journey isn't fun and takes way too long

Compared to all of the other weekly guild events Journey just takes way too long:

  • Tower of Doom can be time consuming when scouting, but a guild working together will make it much faster for everyone else. We are only color restricted so there’s a lot of options available for building a team.
  • Invasion has really fast battles because even at high difficulties Siegebreakers are incredibly effective at killing towers.
  • Raid Boss also has really fast battles because Godslayers are highly effective at killing the boss and other enemies are lower level.
  • Weekly Event battles tend to be fast because medals amplify damage pretty heavily.

Journey on the other hand has both color and type restrictions which makes putting together fast teams hard. We rarely are able to use devour or lethal damage troops to quickly kill enemy troops. Every other event type has troops available that can kill enemy troops in 1-2 casts, but in late Journey battles it’s generally 5-6 casts per enemy troop.

Required Tiers for all events are generally T3-T4 if everyone in a guild of 30 is doing equal lifting. But with 30 members it’s very common for 1 person to be on vacation. With scoring penalties and longer and longer battles it is exceptionally time consuming to make up for one member falling short of requirements, and it’s a massive effort to make up for an absence. And because the whole event takes so much longer it increases the chance that someone isn’t able to do all their battles. It’s a pretty vicious cycle.

Many of these problems were there before the Pathfinder nerf, and even with looping pathfinders the event was still more tedious than fun, but after the nerf the battles take even longer. We’ve had a couple of difficulty tweaks but the time investment for Journey is still much much higher than any other guild event. The number of battles to play, and the length of each battle just adds up to a really really long event that I dread when it comes up in the rotation.


Very easy to agree with that, good post! :ok_hand:

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What’s worst is that there are enemy troops that can summon other troops. That can be really frustrating, especially in a game mode that penalizes prolonged battles. That wasn’t an issue in past Journey events, either.