Jordrin's "destroy a column"

Jordrin’s spell ends with the “destroy a column”. Other troops that use this wording, such as Deep Borer, allow the player to select a column. But Jordrin’s destroys a random column instead.

So either:

  • There’s an error in the text, and Jordrin’s spell should be updated to read “destroy a random column”, OR
  • There’s an error in the spell effect, and Jordrin’s spell should allow the player to select a column to destroy

It would be the former, since no spell requires the player to select both a gem and an enemy


error in text wording, i could post here some others, but this is typical devs’ inconsistency


There’s an unspoken design rule that all spells utilizing a manual target only ever prompt the player for ONE input (enemy, ally, or tile on the board), and the targets of any/all secondary effects are either specified directly (e.g. strongest troop) or selected at random. Additionally, spells that target multiple tiles on the board even as their “primary” effect (e.g. “destroy # gems”) must select them at random.

A few comparisons:

  • Herne (Divinion Fields Siegebreaker)
    “Deal # damage to an enemy … Destroy a random row.”
    The row would have been random anyway, but this spelltext actually says it.
  • Tyran and Rex (Drifting Sands Godslayer Troop)
    “Deal # damage to an enemy … then become Enraged OR destroy a row.”
    The destroy is not guaranteed, and the row is selected at random.

now add ogretaur (says random row), stormchaser (applies somehow random row by reading the spell) and storm knight.
devs’ inconsistency like i said.

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