[Joined Guild] Looking for very chill, casual guild

About me:

I play MTGPQ; but, I am moving away from that game. I was a top tier player but the burnout got really bad so I play super casually with the future intent to quit that game. The grind and burnout was so bad that it was affecting my real life. Therefore, I am not looking for anything super serious just casual. And real life is significantly more important for me.

  • LVL 88 [ just a overgrown adult baby :sweat_smile: ]
  • Never tried Tower of Doom
  • Not a fan of Guild War - I don’t fully understand it and the match-ups are usually double to triple my team power so I found it to be very difficult. [ Skip button for the win! :laughing: ]
  • Been in Guild for 24-ish days so probably played for about a month-ish
  • Guild contributions: Gold: 58K (total 138,864) / Seals: 1500 (total 5463) / 177 Trophies (total 493)
    *May not be contributing this much in the future. The trophies increase was due to getting immersed in Invasion event [ I think? :thinking: ] since its my 1st time (and my guild leader advised a build), usually aim for 1000+ seals (though, I’m pretty sure I will do 1500), wont be able to contribute much gold… man, kingdoms are expensive to level. :scream:
  • Invasion event: rank 5 in my guild. Lvl 60 towers. 33 towers defeated.
  • Troops: 333/680. 1 Mythic (Arachnaean Weaver), 7 Legendaries
  • Got Dragon Armor, and Thorodin :sunglasses: probably the basics.
  • Don’t have my kingdoms at lvl 10 (I got 1…); so still working on it. :tired_face:
  • I can usually only finish 1 pet rescue battle; rarely, I can get 2 battles done.
  • I can usually do the 1st dungeon battle but don’t do it daily.
  • Haven’t tried delves
  • Faction assault felt really grindy
  • Not a big PvP guy. I enjoy Treasure Hunt. Arenas pretty cool too.

What I am looking for:

  • Not interested in Discord/LINE. I prefer no additional chatting app; as once again, it intrudes into real life for me. Guild chat is fine.
  • 40K Chests - doesn’t have to be all the time; but, higher frequency is always welcome. I am thinking 1-2 times a month minimum? 2 times preferred, as I hear 1 week only has a specific mythic?
    *Current guild seems to hit 20K every once in a while; but, don’t see 40K happening.
  • Blue tasks. The more tasks or LTs the better.
    *Current guild finished blue tasks (only seen it say completed maybe 1-2 times before)
  • Seals: 1000 or less
  • Gold/trophies: no requirement. Trophies, really depends on how much I play; but prefer no requirement.
  • Guild events: I’ll play what I can but honestly wont play all my charges most likely. Also, Guild wars was personally a complete turn off; I mean, maybe in the future.

If Guilds could also leave their resumes? (requirements, offering, etc) lol. That would be swell and help me to make a better decision.

Not sure if these demands are a bit much. I apologize if they are; but, wanted to be clear in what I am looking for. Still learning and have much to learn about the game so an active, fun guild would be awesome. Still in my guild so let me know and I’ll leave :slight_smile: Thanks for reading!

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Epsilon is recruiting five active players; minimum requirements are 30k gold, 500 seals, and 50 trophies weekly. All player levels welcome. Optional Discord: https://discord.gg/mSSAequ

Appreciate the reply but I was able to find a guild :slight_smile: Thanks again

You’re welcome, enjoy the game :slight_smile: