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Join Utopia's Brothers guild Italian/English recruits, Rank 33, war Bracket 1, All task completed + legendaries

Join us in the top guild “Utopia’s Brothers”

What do we offer?
Joining a guild level God
40K seals all the task/event completed
GW in the top bracket
Bilingual support (italian/english)
Discord server (join directly to the server discord.gg/yCpKrGA)

What do we need from you?
Weekly activity, 1 milion donation minimum on monday
Collaborate to all the event/task for the guild
Communication through discord
Ability to fight high-level wars (dont’worry we have a great support and experience to help you)

We are waiting for you

Hey I’m interested in joining. Use to play on my ps4 but got behind after not having WiFi. So now just gonna play on mobile and looking for a good guild. I play daily and can contribute seals and trophies. But still working on my kingdom levels.

so your account is new on pc/mobile?

Hey I’m interested in joining I can do 1500 seals and I can do the Guild Wars and guild events as well. Trying to finish kingdom levels. 4 at level 10 and 13 at level 5 or higher. Invite code: GenerousHotshot33299_UKPY

thank you @GenerousHotshot33299 of your offer. At the moment we are looking for players who can fight in bracket 2 of the GW and unfortunately you are not ready for this event.
I hope to see you in the future. Thanks anyway

Your welcome thank you for at least considering me

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Reopened recruitings and updated requirements

We have an open spot for gw ready player

Spots are full for now