Join Us At ~> Blazing Dragons 🐉 Where the Fire is Hot & Smoking O_O Top 50 Guild! We are Full, Req's 800+ S, 400k G & 100 T + Guild Wars & Weekly Events

Hello everyone and Welcome to :fire: Blazing Dragons :fire: Guild Recruitment. :dragon:

Update: :zap: There Are No New Updates At This Time. :zap:

We are currently in Top 50 Rank, :trophy: Demi God 3, 500% Daily Bonus Gold! :moneybag:

:tornado: We need very active members that get 800+ Seals by Saturday. :tornado:

:sparkles: Req’s, 800+ Seals, 400k+ Gold & 100+ Trophies Weekly. Must play Guild Wars & Weekly Events :sparkles:

Join us @ Blazing Dragons! :dragon: You will be kindly welcomed here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:last_quarter_moon_with_face:I understand things come up and issues so, I do work with people.:first_quarter_moon_with_face:

:fire: We all have a Blazing Good Time in this Guild! :fire:

:shield: All Guild Statues Over 150! :shield:

:star:We Get 40k On Seal Chest Openings Weekly! :star:

:mage: We Get All Mana Color Task Completed Weekly! :mage:

:crown: We Try to Get Legendary Task Completed Every Week! :crown:

:game_die: We talk about rules, req’s and important info as A WHOLE GUILD! :game_die:

:crazy_face: We keep each other positively motivated in my guild. :crazy_face:

:crossed_swords: I can put you on waiting list if we are full, You never have to wait long. :crossed_swords:


Yes, we do get most of all task completed weekly! Need a more active guild? Need to leave a guild that’s too demanding for you? Then join us @ Blazing Dragons! You are welcome to be a part of our Dragon Family! :grinning:

We are now full at the moment but, I will let you know when we have a slot opened back up.
30/30 at the moment. Just let me know also if you are looking for a guild with your invite code. Thanks. :smiley:

Looking for a more active guild. I am currently contributing 320k + gold, 15k seals and 150+ trophies. Lvl 260 and 6 kingdoms at lvl 10. Wasn’t sure what I was doing this whole time.
Please let me know when you have an opening would love to join a more active community.

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Hi I’m an active player looking for a guild

My invite code is



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We just made Elite 4 with over 40,000 Trophies! We are rank 384 at the moment.

I may have 1 slot open a week or so from now. The more you donate to task and trophies the better with your 1,500 seals. Please have patience and hold your opening to join my guild for a week or so. I might just be able to add one of you in for now.

I update this post currently as I have slots open. Thank you for wanting to join us. When accepted in our guild, I promise you will be very happy. :grinning:

Sounds fine currently I’m level 225

Have no problem with 1500 seals usually done by Wednesday or Thursday

Trophies was hitting 300 plus no problem for a week

Gold currently upgrading my kingdoms but was still donating 100k plus in my last guild this was my reason for having to leave last guild they had a bigger gold donation than I could manage at the moment



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Let me see what the next week will look like with someone I’m thinking about dropping the hot potato bomb on. I will come check daily here for any comments sent to me here about my slot openings. Or if you want to talk about guild rank standing updates also. Thank you very much for your interest in Blazing Dragons. :blush:


Ok I’ll keep checking in on here this week then

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We have 1 spot open everyone! Please come Blaze with us. Current Guild Pictures.

This image below is proof of our 40k Seals!

We are a awesome & highly active Guild. :grinning:

Hello, I’m relatively new to GoW (lvl 60) but am a very active, daily user. I typically earn max seals every week almost exclusively from pvp. My current guild is pretty inactive (lucky if we hit 20k weekly) so I am looking to join a more serious/active guild! Let me know if you want me, thanks :slight_smile:

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we are looking for active members.
If they don’t accept you, please consider our guild.

We are around 294 rank now, I’m hoping for someone that can at least donate 300k+ Gold and don’t mind working on your kingdoms after donations to Guild task until you max all kingdoms. Yes, of course you must get 1,500 Seals weekly.

@Frosty you also need to come into chat and say hello on a regular basis and to see anything that might interest you or changes to Daily announcements. If you can make these req, please send invite. I’ll work with you.

If anyone else is reading this comment and you are also interested. Let me know. We are truly a friendly and supportive guild in our chat. May have more slots open soon.

Frosty, I can make a spot for you if you still want to join us. I will be happy to add you. :grinning:

Very interested in joining. Been looking for an active guild that plays as much as I do. Only have a few Kingdoms not fully leveled (should be down to three by end of tonight) and currently as I write this top 50 in pvp. Seals and gold won’t be a problem along with activity in chat. Please consider. Thanks

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Do you play on a daily basis? What do you usually get a week on your gold, trophies and seals? I would also like to know your Hero level. I’m very interested in adding you now. What is your invite code by the way? Thank you. @jpalm84

Play daily. Full seals, As far as gold I have no idea. Been playing seriously for 2 weeks I don’t see your minimum amount of gold being a problem at all. Currently at 325+ trophies for the week. Hero level is 176.

Invite code: JPALM84

As a note I have already collected seals for this week.

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Welcome to Blazing Dragons @jpalm84 :grinning:

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I still have 1 spot open everyone. Come blaze with us. :grinning:

I’m looking to join an active guild. I’ve only been playing for a few weeks, level 93. I’m still working on my kingdoms, but hit 1500 seals for the last few weeks.