Join The Triple Goddess - we welcome all types of players

Consider joining the Triple Goddess!

We are an active and competitive guild, with a family friendly atmosphere. We help each other out with teams and events, and like to coordinate to be successful. We may be quite humble in our rankings at the moment, but we often have guild members on the event leader boards.

We welcome players at all stages and experiences of play, and we most need help right now in getting those seals and guild chests each week.

We’ve just had an inactive member clear-out and we now have 12 open slots

What you’ll get from us:

  • 6 tasks completed every week
  • Stage 9+ event rewards every week
  • Advice and support on building teams and developing your game
  • Rank 882 Demi-God in League and climbing fast
  • Bracket 160 in Guild Wars and climbing fast
  • A team where your participation really matters

We have members who bring family and friends, and we are happy with that! We’re all older mature players, and a lot of us are creative types.

Our requirements (if you have all kingdoms to 10):

  • 600k gold
  • 2,000 seals
  • 200 trophies
  • Play all event tokens
  • Participate in guild wars

We have discord but it is NOT mandatory. Any important info will be copied and pasted into guild chat.

You will see us posting recruitment messages in general chat, so you can find us that way. You can also post your invite code to this thread :slight_smile: