Join the Sultans! 2 spots available in high level guild

Come join a high level, productive guild without outrageously high requirements!

The Sultans of Surge (rank 119) currently has 2 spots available. Level 500+ preferred. Participation in weekly guild events is required. Minimum suggested guild contributions are 300,000 gold, 1000 seals, and 200 trophies per week, though most of our members far exceed those amounts. We complete most guild tasks and often reach 40,000 seals per week. (We always hit 40,000 seals on mythic release weeks.)

If you’re a regularly active player, we would love to welcome you to our fun, friendly, and supportive guild!

One spot still available. We are now rank 118. We reached 40k seals this week, completed all main tasks, and are top of our bracket (14) in Guild Wars. Join us as we continue climbing the ranks!

We currently have room for two more, and we’re still climbing the ranks! Currently rank 115 and bracket 11 in Guild Wars. If you want to join a strong, active guild with reasonable requirements, let me know!