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Join INTRIM the hardest hitting guild in the game

Hello my friends, because of the success of INTRIM we decided to create a second hardcore elite guild called Intrim_2.

This will be an Elite 100% active guild so if you can’t meet the weekly requirements please don’t apply.

Requirements are simple 300k gold donations and 300 trophies per week! If you meet the requirements your good but even better if you can do more. Failure to meet the requirements as a recruit equals removal! Every week you meet the requirements you will get an promotion. If you fail to meet requirements you will be demoted

This guild will net the members a ton of resources! and will climb the ranks super fast which we are doing.

If your interested please drop your name here for an invite.


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Rhino gave me his blessing to create the guild, happy to do my part, looking forward to getting a good guild going.

I’m interested with this new guild expansion. I think I would be able to meet the requirements without a problem and interested in applying.

My ex-guild mate is ==NONO == and I believe currently is in INTRIM, she could vouch for my contributions and trophies.

Let me know if you need additional info.

Invite code is SUMMERLANDS

Great will shoot u an invite

invite sent, Summerlands. Welcome!

i would suggest not to guarantee such amounts of keys and gems, when you dont know about the changes on guild tasks in 2.1… the current system will be changed as you now, so dont recruit on a base of outdated tasks that changes in some days^^

2.1 isn’t here yet but it don’t matter. This guild will be hardcore no matter what. It will be built like a top 5-10 guild period.

Don’t miss this opportunity this guild will be one of the best in the game! Hardcore members only please. Some people belong in the majors and some belong in the minors, Where do you belong?

Join Intrim ll we are rank 478 after 2 days!

Leave your tired non active guild and join the best

We only want the best players

Still have slots available join while you can

Only 10 spaces remain in Intrim ll join our ranks as we soar to the top of the leaderboards

We have 1 spot to fill at Intrim

I’m interested in joining if you still have 1 spot open. TRUWH1T is my invite code.

We have a open spot but our weekly mins are 500/500 a week.

2 spots to fill, send game invite weekly min 500/500

Now recruiting looking for 3 hard hitters to join the hardest hitting guild in the game